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In late 2011, my family took the plunge and began testing the Nook Color, Kindle Fire, new iPad (as well as having an iPad 2 & iPad 1, iPhone, iPod Touch and a few Android smart phones). We spent several months comparing the different devices and compiled a detailed matrix in our post: The new iPad vs Nook Color vs Kindle Fire: Who has the best family tablet? back in March of 2012.


But when the Nexus 7 came out last month, we were still hungry for a real option for a solidly built tablet that can access the Google play marketplace. My husband, a versatile computer programmer who prefers the Android format, was interested but not impressed with the Nook & Kindle approach to tablets, although he appreciated the stability and intuitive design both offered to less technically savvy users. When we received the Nexus 7, it was obvious right away this tablet was more than ready to compete with the Nook, Kindle & Apple devices ...

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