Edudemic: Handboek 'stemmen' (polling) in de klas | E-learning, Blended learning, Apps en Tools in het Onderwijs |

The Teacher’s Guide To Polling In The Classroom


"Raising your hand in the classroom is so old school. Thanks to the massive influx of technology into education, there are dozens of new ways students can virtually voice their opinion. From hardware (clickers) to software (Survey Monkey), there’s no shortage of free and cheap ways to get more students talking, thinking, and participating..."


Het Handboek "Web 2.0 Survey & Polling Tools:A Quick Guide", is gepubliceerd door Mohamed Amin Embi op Daar kun je dit handboek bekijken en downloaden. Zie:


In dit handboek worden diverse "polling"-tools uitgebreid besproken.

Via André Manssen