10 must-have IFTTT recipes for social media managers | Battenhall | Media and technology | Scoop.it

If you haven’t used IFTTT before, it’s like a dashboard of connectors that can make anything hooked up to the web work by itself, using triggers, or ‘ifs’, to power devices, social media and web services. The triggers include Internet of Things devices, time of day, weather, football results or social media pings. The actions include electricity switches, push-alerts, email, and pretty much any web service.


Anyone can create their own ‘recipes’, as IFTTT calls them, and if you are stumped for inspiration, you can browse open, shared recipes that have been created by other IFTTT users. There are over 136,000 of them here.


If you are looking to turbo charge your social media strategy, here are 8 of our favourite IFTTT recipes (with two fun ones for good luck):...

Via Jeff Domansky