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51% of physicians regularly use tablets as mHealth tools


While smartphones still beat tablets in numbers and frequency of use, physicians generally prefer to do their reading and research on the bigger screen.

Tablets are taking over as a tool of choice for physicians, says a survey by Kantar Media, with just over half of medical professionals using the hand-held computers to read up on the latest journal articles, conduct research on patient care, and email with colleagues.

51% of physicians say they use a tablet during their daily work, while nearly the same amount also use the device for personal tasks. 

The survey of more than 3000 physicians found that nearly a third of respondents use tablets to read up on medical publications and 16% watch webcasts or listen to podcasts on professional topics using their tablets which have been making their way into hospitals and offices at a steady pace, through patient-oriented telehealth pilots and monitoring programs intended to engage patients and give providers an edge over chronic diseases

“As physicians continue to shift their work-related tasks to mobile devices, they must overcome technological hurdles challenging them from completing some of their most important tasks, namely interacting with EHRs and recording clinical notes.”  An unrelated CDW survey adds that physicians can gain more than an hour of productivity by using tablets to help them multitask, with 84% of physicians saying that the devices make them more efficient and happier doing necessary paperwork.

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