Is Your Company Listening To Social-Media Chatter For All The Wrong Reasons? | Marketing Research |

This article analyzes the importance of recognizing where the value in social listening lies, and how an unstructured social media monitoring system may, in fact, be a liability. Erich Joachimsthaler uses corporate instances to exemplify how merely gathering metrics is effective if a business is content reacting to market trends; however, in order to proactively drive growth, it is imperative that organizations understand the context of their monitoring.


Joachimsthaler provides thought-provoking suggestions on how corporations should utilize social listening in order to strike influential “touchpoints” with their consumers. An example is BMW’s launch of the 3i electric car and the over-arching social media system that makes servicing the car simple for owners. It provides value to the company, also, by tracking uses and challenges drivers face, providing BMW the opportunity to constantly enhance the driving experience.


The suggestion that companies should reduce how often they generate data reports is surprising considering that multi-national organizations typically do not cease operations. By constantly searching for statistics that will drive growth (such as demographic trends and brand associations) and focusing assets on them, organizations can use social listening effectively to recognize and demonstrate their differentiating factors, making it a worthy investment.