How Marketing at P&G Takes Cues From an Election Campaign | Marketing Research |

This article explores P&G’s approach to social media listening, comparing the company’s real-time response rate to the operations of an election campaign. For example, by monitoring trending topics on social media platforms, the Tide Newsdesk was able to quickly respond to a jet-fuel spill at a NASCAR race. Just hours later, the team had created social-media content centred on the spill and Tide became a number two trending Twitter topic.


Companies that sell “every-day” goods (like Tide detergent) especially have a challenge in getting consumers emotionally connected to their brands. Social media listening helps to overcome this challenge by integrating products into consumers’ most important memories and events.


The article illustrates that the Newsdesk approach has not always yielded success, citing an example from the Pantene product division. However, it is important to note that with this form of marketing the cost of failure is much lower than it would be with more traditional methods. That is because the rate at which a company can act and react is much faster, and the likelihood of a new opportunity presenting itself is greater.  Social media listening brings with it a new risk mindset with the potential of even richer rewards.