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CNBC’s feature, “Nomi Partners with Warby Parker”, focuses on the attributes of Nomi that study consumer ethnography. Nomi uses smartphone applications to track consumer behaviours and patterns, while measuring the effectiveness of store flow and display optimality. Nomi’s social listening tools influence business owners to rethink today’s convergence of e-commerce and retail, a driving factor to Warby Parker’s transition from an online to in-store eyeglass retailer.


Nomi exercises buzz mining to track in-store conduct and browsing behaviours. Tracking loyalty, conversion cycle, and leads management has provided Warby Parker with the tools to enhance ROI and ultimately better the consumers’ in-store experience.  A key insight is the understanding that it is no longer enough for store design and customer relationship management to be based on past practices. With offline tools as encompassing as those online, strategic changes must constantly occur within a businesses brick and mortar.


Nomi provides Warby Parker with the ability to improve customer relationships through CRM integration by enhancing customer segmentation. Through metrics gauging demographic trends, Warby Parker can more accurately plan online and in-store marketing initiatives to play to consumers’ preferences, thus heightening retail performance. Conclusively, we see the retail landscape changing to better suit consumers’ desires.