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This new platform revolves around the use of hashtags to aggregate content on a specific topic or online “conversation”. It pulls these conversations from five different social media sites and creates a custom board of specific content. This tool is great for a few reasons, and is great for a broad range of businesses. Firstly, for small businesses without a huge budget to invest in large-scale social media monitoring, this offers a simple yet effective solution to stay tuned on what is being said about your brand. 


The video posted on this link gives you a good idea of how even bigger organizations such as sports teams can benefit by using such a tool because it gives them the chance to engage their clients in real-time and even reply to posts right from tagboard. This tool is aimed at marketers and gives both big and small companies the opportunity to amplify their engagement in a meaningful way with their fans, brand supporters, clients etc. across several social media platforms at once. The company is still a startup so it will be interesting to see how they integrate analytics and other important features for marketers into their platform.