How Wendy's uses social listening to make better business decisions | Marketing Research |

This article discusses how social listening has changed Wendy’s tactics in pleasing and retaining their customers, as well as shifting brand perception. They realized information gained from surveys and phone calls was limited, and decided to take it one step further with social media.

With the ongoing health trend, Wendy’s was struggling with being an alternative in their consumers’ decision making process for a quick and healthy lunch, as it sells many unhealthy items and is known for its fast-food mentality.

Wendy’s then became a first mover and made an app that allowed customers to set their desired calorie intake for their meal, and the app would offer a number of combinations that would fulfill these requests. The app grew organically without the need of advertising. This was after realizing that their competitors had weak apps features, and that most customers wanted to eat at Wendy’s, but wanted to do so without cheating on their diets or feeling guilty

Wendy’s is a perfect example of how something as simple as social listening and more in depth analysis can change brand perception as well as customer retention. They are currently expanding their app to further satisfy their customers.