JetBlue - Using Social Listening To Turn The Traveling Blues Into Corporate Green | Marketing Research |

Taylor Schenk's Insight:

"This interview with Marty St. George, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Commercial at JetBlue, provides great insights on how focusing on social listening has enabled the small, low-cost airline to compete with its largest competitors by using swift problem-solving skills and personal interaction.


Have you ever had to sit through a flight where your Live TV stream wasn’t working or you had to look out a foggy window because of poorly set cabin temperatures? JetBlue aims to make these concerns of the past by closely monitoring online conversations relating to their flights and making rapid adjustments to meet the needs of passengers. The firms overarching goal is to “stay small, as they get big.” By using social media they have been able to stay small or “nimble” as the company grows because of passionate customer loyalty.


Travel firms, not just airlines, should recognize that the travel industry is fundamentally a service business and customers matter above all else. JetBlue’s use of social media to personally interact with customers as well as enable quick, efficient, and creative responses to issues has been a real driver of corporate value and should be used as an example."