Clemson University establishes social media listening center with support from Dell, Salesforce Radian6 | Clemson University, South Carolina | Marketing Research |

Clemson University has partnered up with Dell & Salesforce Radian6 to build one of the first university-based Social Media Listening Center (SMLC). As a research university, Clemson offers its student a unique opportunity to be early adopters in the field of social media. The SMLC has 6 large display screens that are monitored by both faculty and students. SMLC has helped students gather data and insights on various topics from developing advertising campaigns to monitoring conversations amongst college athletics to identify key differences between men and women’s sports.

I believe that Clemson’s adoption of this new technology is an effective way of attracting talents interested in learning about social media listening. It is the first of its kind offered at an undergraduate and graduate level, and gives students first-hand experience on using the technology and applying it to various disciplines. This is direction that technology, business and marketing are heading in the future, and it is possible that social media listening technology will be rapidly expanding into students’ curriculum in the future.