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Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

What’s Your Brand Worth?

What’s Your Brand Worth? | MarketingHits |

CEOs and executives have understood for a long time that a company’s brand is important and goes way beyond just a logo and tagline. But questions about the actual value of the brand have often relegated this vital asset to a fuzzy, feel-good, slightly nebulous item that rarely gets the executive attention it deserves.

It turns out that companies can determine how much a brand is worth. We’ve seen this most recently in the bidding war breaking out for Steinway, which is a brand that transcends time and technology. It has legendary cache, in a way that fabled brands like Kodak or Polaroid did not. We know that strong brands with good reputations have 31% better total return to shareholders than the MSCI World average....

Via Jeff Domansky
Calvin Henton's curator insight, August 20, 2013 5:34 PM

I think getting a good brand to your name/company is so important. I think that this is really the only true difference between your coffee shop and the coffee shop around the corner or that soap over this soap. The coffee may be exactly the same and the cafe have the exact same menu, however the brand is what will bring the consumer in and keep them coming back. Just like Starbucks, in my opinion the coffee it self is actually pretty rubbish same goes for the food (also over priced) compered with most cafes in auckland there are hundreds of nice and better options, yet I will still go there over the next door cafe purely because of the brand.

 I also think this is where it is going to become a lot harder for companies and products to create this brand when they have to rely solely on digital media to do so. As I beleve the strongest brands are formed thru a tactile encounter with the product by actually going into the shop or business and experiencing it for your self. This becomes much harder when it is only on a screen with a million other distraction as well as sitting anywhere doing so in a very uncontrolled environment. 
Nicole Jones de Rooy's comment, August 21, 2013 3:12 AM
Thanks for your insight - interestingly I have just asked scoopit folk about why there can be scoopit pages with the same name. Are we not in a sense branding our name with the content that we curate. Would be good to hear other opinions on this.
Alexandra Sinclair's comment, August 21, 2013 4:43 PM
Stop going to Starbucks Calvin... have you seen the stains on the couches???
Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

Three Winning Stories That Will Wow Your Audiences | Mr. Media Training

Three Winning Stories That Will Wow Your Audiences | Mr. Media Training | MarketingHits |

According to Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, “Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s rhetorical arsenal.” Yet most people struggle to think of compelling stories that reinforce their messages.


That’s usually because they’re trying to think of a “big” story. In order to help people get unstuck, I tell them to think smaller. I encourage them to think of a single customer whose life was improved because of their product or a community that is enjoying the benefits of a new public school.


A story can be many things: your personal experience with a person, place, thing, or topic; somebody else’s experience; case studies in the news; or a historical or fictional example....

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, March 19, 2013 8:56 PM

Good tips for telling your story in the media from Brad Phillips.

Tom Fair's comment, March 21, 2013 7:25 PM
Good article, and a great intro into the book. I liked it so much I bought the book! I'm 14 "things" into the book and finding it very worthwhile...
Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

McDonald's Crisis Management Failure | Social Media Today

McDonald's Crisis Management Failure | Social Media Today | MarketingHits |

Pointing out how poorly you pay your own employees is a crisis management faux pas.

So, you set out to create a website, accessible to the public, aimed at helping your employees budget. You have hopes of helping them out, but let’s be real here, you’re also looking to grab you some good PR in the process. Once you get started, however, you realize that there is no way a typical employee at your organization makes enough to live on, even with a second job, and leaving out minor expenses like food, water, and clothing…because those are luxury items, right?

Most of us would scrap the project on the spot, but not McDonald’s! The company, which has already run into a few stumbling blocks while getting acquainted with how the modern web works, must not have thought it was a problem because they went live. As could be expected, the company took a beating in the media, largely as result of the buzz generated following video, from the activists at Low Pay is Not Okay:

Via Jeff Domansky
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, July 23, 2013 8:34 PM

Hard to imagine making this poor judgment and social media execution.

Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Content Creation, Curation, Management!

Why Content Marketing Matters? (Infographic)

Why Content Marketing Matters? (Infographic) | MarketingHits |
Content is king and content marketing is a growing and trending topic. See the infographic to understand why content marketing matters. Did you know that at this point, over 88% of businesses are active on social media?

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D., massimo facchinetti
Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s curator insight, February 23, 2013 8:42 AM

Some useful stats that compares the value of content marketing versus PR/Publicity for telling brand stories and why it matters.