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Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from digital marketing strategy!

A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing on #GooglePlus

A Comprehensive Guide to Marketing on #GooglePlus | MarketingHits |

Google plus is one of the most unknown, under-utilized internet marketing tools available on the internet right now. It contains magical powers, like the ability to get your face to appear next to your search result listings in Google Search and the opportunity to network with thousands of like-minded individuals.   Many whisper that Google Plus holds the secret to future Google Search organic rankings.   At the very minimum, Google Plus is a vibrant community full of engaged users that are ready to become a part of your online audience.  It also has so much potential to become intertwined with every aspect of Google’s multiple prominent platforms.

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Via Jaana Nyström, Marc Kneepkens, malek
donhornsby's curator insight, June 10, 8:35 AM

Helpful resource for those using Google Plus!

Alfonso Gomez's curator insight, June 10, 10:19 AM

Amazing way for connecting ideasesg

Bart van Maanen's curator insight, June 11, 5:43 AM

Alles wat je wilt weten om Google+ goed te gebruiken, staat in dit uitgebreide overzicht. 

Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Content Marketing and Curation for Small Business!

GOOGLE + - Complete Guide to Google+ Curation Pages

GOOGLE + - Complete Guide to Google+ Curation Pages | MarketingHits |
Using a Google+ Page for curating content, instead of your personal profile, is simple and extremely effective.

Via Peg Corwin
Peg Corwin's curator insight, July 28, 2013 6:27 PM

Very interesting post with detailed steps for using Google Plus to curate content:

"Creating your Page and Posting Content

  • Create the Google Plus page
  • Content Discovery (External web pages)
  • Content Discovery (Google+)
  • Crafting and Sharing Posts

Building lists and followers
Refining, growing your List and encouraging email subscriptions."


If you have been wondering how to effectively use Google Plus, here's your guide.

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Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about!!

Social Media Tools That Support Google+: Solutions for Small Business

Social Media Tools That Support Google+: Solutions for Small Business | MarketingHits |

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can be found in the majority of social media management apps. It is with Google+ that things get a little bit more complicated: very few social media tools support it due to some technical challenges.


However, most social media managers would prefer a solution that would allow them posting to all social networks in one place, Google+ including.


In this post, you’ll find reference to all tools that are to date integrated with Google+. We’ll bring small business editions to a special focus and review social tools that (1) support Google+ and (2) the ones you can use for free or under $10 a month.

Via Martin Gysler
Brian Yanish -'s insight:

I see there are a couple of tools I may have to test again as they have made some changes to what their tool could do.

Venkatesh Iyer ('s curator insight, May 18, 2013 2:22 AM

I am most familiar with Hootsuite. I wasn't aware of a couple of the tools mentioned in this post.

Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Social Media and Web Infographics hh!

New Data Reveals How Marketers Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Data Reveals How Marketers Use Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] | MarketingHits |
Infographic highlighting data about social media marketing usage from the 2012 SEOmoz industry survey.


The first statistic highlighted on our infographic reveals that 44.4% of survey respondents self-professed either “advanced” or “expert” level social media ability. This shows that marketers are feeling an increased sense of ability to tackle what was once thought of as a new and unknown technology.


To little surprise in the social media marketing world, Facebook and Twitter lead as the most popular social network. In fact, our own social media lead generation team at HubSpot is big advocates for these two networks! What is surprising, however, is that Google+ emerges as the third most popular network. Google+ has historically been plagued with the "useless" label when it comes to generating social ROI, so one theory behind this ranking could be the high impact Google+ has on SEO.


While LinkedIn falls behind in fifth place, it turns out that 74.1% of marketers use LinkedIn for branding. I found this to be particularly interesting since LinkedIn Company Pages do not provide many options for branding. While they can update their status and add a company logo, marketers don't have the more advanced branding capabilities that they have on more visual networks such as Facebook or Pinterest. One theory behind this statistic could be branding via employees. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for showing off the wonderful talent your employees bring to your company.


Lastly, it turns out that 60.2% of marketers are looking for analysis options, as well as other analytics options, in their social media management tools. This comes as no surprise. When savvy social media marketers are communicating their messages online, they want to know exactly how those efforts are benefiting them by analyzing whether each social strategy is connecting to their end goal: revenue. Tools that report on social media analytics are becoming more and more in demand among marketers, which is exactly why the HubSpot team has worked so hard to provide reach metrics and CTR on all your social media messages, as well as ROI metrics like closed-loop reporting on leads and customers generated from social media, all within the HubSpot Social Media tool.

Via halhol
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Scooped by Brian Yanish -!

5 Google Plus Mistakes that Can Really Slow Your Progress

5 Google Plus Mistakes that Can Really Slow Your Progress | MarketingHits |
If utilized properly, Google Plus can be a great network for marketers and bloggers. Discover five bad Google Plus mistakes that you should avoid!

It’s really weird. I still can’t seem to get why so many people don’t like Google Plus at all…

As a matter of fact the site Marketing Profs actually conducted a survey, where it turned out that for 41% of the voters Google Plus is the network they “Never Want to Hear About Ever Again”, while for a whopping 50% it is also the most confusing network.

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Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from visualizing social media!

Social Media Infographic: Finding Your Way Around Google+

Social Media Infographic: Finding Your Way Around Google+ | MarketingHits |

It’s about time you give some love to Google+, a social media platform set to attract more people not only because of its new dressed up interface, but also by the recent features added.

Google+ is obviously betting big on photos as it launches its ability to “auto awesome” images uploaded to it. Its mobile app came through with its refreshing updates as well. All in all, it has been a very active month for Google+ and the new wave of features is projected to increase its social networking share.

Now here’s an infographic ready to turn anyone who’s willing to make the jump an instant Google+ savvy user.

Via Lauren Moss
Jordan Anderson-'s curator insight, July 18, 2013 8:23 PM

It is now far more better!

Athena Catedral's curator insight, August 6, 2013 5:52 AM

Succinct cheat sheet for Google + posting

John Thomas's curator insight, February 12, 1:47 PM

Social Media Infographic: Finding Your Way Around Google+

Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Social Media Useful Info!

Google+ Tips And Shortcuts: Increase Your Effectiveness [Infographic]

Google+ Tips And Shortcuts: Increase Your Effectiveness [Infographic] | MarketingHits |
These tips and shortcuts will help you increase your effectiveness on Google+. There are many extra benefits for being on Google+. This article lists some.

You might be asking yourself why you need these tips and shortcuts since you don’t have time to be on Google+ in the first place. I mean, you’ve already got enough social sites to keep up with, right? If you have a website, and you are trying to increase your traffic, Google+ should not be the social site you let slide. The reason can be summed up in one word – Google – and that means search. If nothing else, that is the reason you need to be there.

Let me just give you one example of what I’m talking about. If you are on Google+, you can sign up for Google Authorship (if you haven’t already done this, I suggest you do it today, just follow that link). We just wrote about this last week in an article called Google Authorship & It’s Insane Impact On Website Traffic. Bottom line, you’ll get to have your avatar show up in the search results on Google, which will give you a huge bump in web traffic. Only 9% of tech blogs have taken advantage of Google Authorship, which leaves a huge opportunity for you if you haven’t implemented it.

Via Jaana Nyström, Ivo Nový
Josette Williams's curator insight, April 26, 2013 6:07 PM

Learn the short cuts to being effective on Google+.

Rescooped by Brian Yanish - from Online Video Publishing!

Google Hangouts On-Air Is Live: Check Your Account

Google Hangouts On-Air Is Live: Check Your Account | MarketingHits |

Robin Good: Google Hangouts On-Air is finally live and accessible inside my Google + account.

You can check whether you can now live stream from Google+ and YouTube by logging in inside your G+ account and creating a new hangout. If you see the checkmark allowing you to activate the "on-air" feature, you are all set.

Find out now: 

Via Robin Good
Gianluca Orrico's comment, May 23, 2012 3:56 AM
thanks robin, but in italy the option there isn't. Do you know something?
Robin Good's comment, May 23, 2012 4:08 AM
Hi Gianluca, also in Italy is available eccome! Maybe it is not yet active in your account but it will be soon.