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Google+ Authorship: How to Get Your Picture on Search Results

Google+ Authorship: How to Get Your Picture on Search Results | MarketingHits |

Have you ever Google searched something and found results that had someone’s photo next to the link? This person was designated by Google as an “expert in their field”, simply because they learned how to use Google+ authorship code to help search engines find their blog posts and content. We’re all sick of, Wikipedia, AskJeeves and these monster content sites taking over search results. I mean how can suddenly be the expert on a huge range of topics from career advice to gardening? Well Google agreed that the domination of search results from these sites was not beneficial for our constant need for information. So they re-programmed their algorithms to seek out thought leaders in their expert industries.

You can’t have a marketing conversation these days without the terms social media and SEO popping up. But if those marketing individuals aren’t sharing with you the value of using Google+ Authorship to leverage your online presence, it’s questionable how much they understand the connection between your content marketing efforts, social media and search results.

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