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How to Bake Distribution into Your Content Production Recipe #contentmarketing

How to Bake Distribution into Your Content Production Recipe #contentmarketing | MarketingHits |

In order to break through to today’s fragmented audiences, brands are moving fast to act and think like true publishers. Brands are now competing with the likes of Huffington Post, which publishes over 1,200 posts a/day. While the assumption may be that the content marketing trend largely equates to clicking the publish button more frequently, one important strategy that’s often overlooked in publishing is building distribution into your content.

Make no mistake, distribution is complex today. The channels and touch points in which audiences are discovering content is growing by the day. As Robert Rose, Chief Strategist at Content Marketing Institute has said on the PNR podcast, “Years ago, there were thousands of markets with millions of people. Today, there are millions of markets with thousands of people.”

The de-massification of media that Rose references is forcing content marketers to take more of a non-broadcast, moneyball approach to the distribution and activation of content. Though paid media and post-publishing tactics play a big role in targeting niche audiences, you first must proactively optimize your content for distribution during the production phase.

Like any delicious dish, the ingredients need to be included long before you take it out of the oven. A successful content recipe must have a collection of distribution ingredients, not just a garnish.

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