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7 Amazingly Simple Ways to Get More Blog Comments

7 Amazingly Simple Ways to Get More Blog Comments | MarketingHits |

You’re getting no blog comments, you’re becoming disillusioned, you’re about to to give up…

But there is a way forward.

Have I caught your attention?  I hope so because comments are so important.

Over 90% of everyone that visits your site is going to be a lurker who will never comment, get over it!!

Your blog is part of your social media community and you want community involvement.  Encouraging and promoting comments on your blog will lead to a stronger community with more support for your content.

But it’s not that easy.  And it’s like the chicken and the egg scenario!  You get more comments when you have comments in place already.

So how do you kick off these comments and ensure your blog doesn’t look like a ghost town!

Here are 7 amazingly simple ways to get more blog comments.

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