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The Other Half: Social Media Monitoring #infographic

The Other Half: Social Media Monitoring #infographic | MarketingHits |

Social media has proven itself to be one of the most powerful platforms out there when it comes to reaching current and potential customers. Unfortunately, that is all many businesses seem to understand. The late adopters, the skeptics, and all of the followers out there waited for the innovators and risk takers to prove social media’s worth. Once the risk was minimized everyone else felt more comfortable hopping on board, only they missed something very important.

Social media is a conversational platform, and conversations go two ways! A business can’t expect to treat social media like traditional push channels and see the same (or any) results. You have to listen and then you have to nurture the conversation. On top of that, it’s the brand’s job to seek out conversations they should  be a part of. When television and radio ruled the media world, consumers didn’t have a choice in what marketing messages they were exposed to. Fast forward to now and you’ll see that they (we) have a choice in what messages we see, how we respond to them, and what we have to say about them.

Social media monitoring is the other half of the equation. Brands need to pay attention to what’s being said to them, about them and related to them and/or their offer. There are countless conversations happening right now that are relevant to your brand, do you know how to find them?

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