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Content Marketing: 3 Ways to Get Your 2014 Strategy Started

Content Marketing:  3 Ways to Get Your 2014 Strategy Started | MarketingHits |

Over the past decade, content (the almighty  ruler of the marketing world) has groomed PR, advertising and social media professionals to bow down to its  great powers. Over the last five years specifically, creative agencies that have implemented effective content strategies have expanded their clients’ kingdoms and the results have been bountiful.   But just like any good ruler, content has had to change and evolve in order to fit the needs of the times.  And today, we’re seeing a high demand for content marketing, content networks and social media plans more than ever. As we head into 2014, it’s no secret that many marketers are heavily relying on content marketing as a critical component for year planning.

So what is content marketing and how do creative services professionals use it?  Simply put: content marketing is a technique that distributes relevant and informational content on behalf of a brand to attract target audiences and build credibility.  Sounds simple enough right? Well, not so fast.   In order to be effective in any type of marketing, the message must be engaging and result in customer action.  To do this, content should be designed to keep exclusive audiences interested while communicating the brand’s core values.  But first, lets talk about organizing a plan.

3 steps to take before embarking on a content marketing campaign:

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