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What Should I Do About Google’s Secure Search?

What Should I Do About Google’s Secure Search? | MarketingHits |

In late September, Search Engine Land reported that Google had made a change aimed at encrypting more natural search activity.

As a brief refresher, in October 2011, Google announced that when users are logged into their Google accounts, they will be encrypting searches for privacy reasons.

How did this change affect website owners and marketers?

This change resulted in a lack of data about which keywords were driving natural search visits for users logged into their Google accounts. At the time, it was thought that this would impact between 5-10 percent of visits, but that percentage has steadily grown over time, and with the recent announcement, it seems as though it may eventually impact all natural search visits from Google.

Specific details and roll-out timelines are unclear at this stage, but one thing seems sure — we should prepare ourselves for less detailed keyword insights than we have ever had before from Google.

So what should you do?

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