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Whole-Brained Management

Whole-Brained Management | MarketingHits |
The Myth Of “Left Brainers” & “Right Brainers”

Science has long debunked the myth that some people think more with one side of their brain than with the other. The myth suggests that people who “use” the left hemisphere of their brain are more analytical and logical. People who “use” the right hemisphere are more creative and emotional. Physically this has proven to be untrue: the brain is divided into several regions that handle analytical and creative tasks using both hemispheres.

Despite the physical inaccuracy of this myth, many psychologists still treat the analytical and creative differences between “left brained” and “right brained” people as cognitive preferences, or preferred ways of thinking. As a leader, recognizing and utilizing these differences in yourself, and your team, is key for success. The infographic below presents four simple steps any manager can take to utilize the true potential of a diverse, “whole brained” team.

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