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Twitter Makes Connecting With Influencers More Difficult

Twitter Makes Connecting With Influencers More Difficult | MarketingHits |

ne of the things we’ve always liked best about Twitter is that there are no barriers to interaction. If you want to follow and interact with someone, be they celebrity, influencer or average Joe, you can. And even better, many awesome “heavy hitters” actively participate and engage with their followers.

Twitter’s changing it up, though. And while you can still follow anyone you want, Twitter released a new feature (on the same day that the company filed its IPO) that will essentially allow its big deal users (a/k/a those with verified Twitter accounts) filter out the hoi polloi.  You know, the ordinary peeps, like you and me. Ostensibly, this filtering system is to help “verified users better manage the large number of conversations they have,” but really it’s a filter. And a barrier.

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