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5 Content Creation ‘Yellow Cards’ Google Issued in 2013

5 Content Creation ‘Yellow Cards’ Google Issued in 2013 | MarketingHits |
In soccer, the yellow card is the first warning one gets for breaking a rule during the game. If one persists in violating the rules, they will eventually receive a red card, and will be expelled from the field.

Online marketing is a far cry from soccer, but it shares many of its characteristics: It’s competitive, it has rules — and you can get penalized if you don’t follow those rules closely enough.

Hence, it’s important to stay updated on the rules of the marketing game at all times and to take note of the warnings you get.

Google changed the rules big time

While worrying about Google’s rules and regulations could be considered more of an SEO concern, we can’t overlook that, essentially, SEO and content marketing are cousins (rather than step brothers) and often go hand in hand in content creationefforts.

Content marketers often turn to SEO best practices to increase traffic; in turn, content marketing is a tactic frequently used by SEO practitioners to improve a website’s positions in search. So, technically the two are tight, and can either help or hurt each other.

As you may have heard, the SEO industry has been shaken up as of late. This year alone, Google rolled out a series of “jarring and jolting” algorithm updates, has created video content on how not to promote a site on Google, and has issued a countless number of manual penalties to sites that, according to Google, use manipulative SEO techniques.

These spam-fighting measures culminated in the updated version of Google Webmaster Guidelines, which I think every content marketer should become familiar with. For your convenience, here is a short breakdown, with some examples that will provide a deeper understanding of what’s changing in the game of SEO for content marketing.

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