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Replace the Hero’s Journey in Biz Storytelling? Yes!

Replace the Hero’s Journey in Biz Storytelling? Yes! | MarketingHits |

"I can think of several organizations that are bravely embracing and sharing the chaotic reality of life—organizations that are inviting conversation and engagement, as opposed to sharing stock messages and regurgitated storylines."

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, July 15, 2013 9:22 PM

Colleague Thaler Pekar has hit it out of the park again with this article about recovering from the mono-myth of the Hero's Journey. Music to my ears!

As Pekar says, yes -- the Hero's Journey is something we all experience. But it is not the only story we live by. And our lives and businesses can't be reduced to only the Hero's Journey. 

And in business, if we rely exclusively on the Hero's Journey our stories will turn formulaic -- and eventually not engage people, as Pekar points out. Too many businesses and consultants only focus on the Hero's Journey, IMHO. They tell me it's because it is easy to do, and easy for businesses to understand. I find it just as easy to never mention the Hero's Journey in my work with clients :))

So what other kinds of stories are available to us? How about the Magician's Journey (turning an idea into gold), Trickster stories (out of the box thinking, innovative results by turning something on its head), stories of Kings and Queens (the challenges and wisdom of mature leaders), or stories of communities coming together to solve a problem. These are just a few ideas!

I also like the examples Pekar shares in the post so we can go explore what others are doing.

If you are in the Hero's rut, check out this post. If you are not, read it anyway so you don't get stuck :)

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