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Build a Brand Content Empire: What You Can Learn From LEGO

Build a Brand Content Empire: What You Can Learn From LEGO | MarketingHits |
In the 1980s and 1990s, LEGO faced a tremendous threat from competing construction toys. After all, the very simplicity of LEGO’s building blocks also made them very easy to duplicate, both by small-scale copycats as well as established toy companies. LEGO unsuccessfully tried to block Tyco Toys, Inc., from selling the Super Blocks series after LEGO’s patent ran out in 1983. The company knew it needed to build a powerhouse brand and develop an integrated marketing approach to compete against a growing set of building-block imitators. — Clare McDermott, Editor-in-Chief, Chief Content Officermagazine, April 2011

Most people don’t realize this, but LEGO is such a giant when it comes to brand content, that at times it more closely resembles a media company than a toy company. Here’s a rundown of some of the major components of its well-integrated and highly effective content marketing program.

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