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Reviewing the Checkout Process of 10 Leading Online Retailers

Reviewing the Checkout Process of 10 Leading Online Retailers | MarketingHits |

The checkout process is the last step in completing an online transaction and making a sale. A well-planned checkout experience can significantly boost conversions. Leading online retailers have made their checkouts more adaptive, rewarding registered users, and giving site visitors plenty of opportunity to purchase more.


I looked at how 10 leading online retailers managed the checkout experience. The hope is that these 10 big brands can demonstrate the proper way to close an ecommerce sale. Interestingly, however, some of these brands don't use what experts believe are the best practices for providing a good checkout experience. Do these companies know something the experts don’t or are they successful in spite of their idiosyncrasies?

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s curator insight, June 20, 2013 4:20 PM

Interesting "side-by-side" comparison of the check-out processes for 10 leading online retailers. Conclusion---very similar. Is this surprising? A smooth functioning check-out process is a required "point-of-parity", otherwise the brand wouldn't be competitive.