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Taking Of Google 1,2,3 - Create Your Internet Marketing Destiny

Taking Of Google 1,2,3 - Create Your Internet Marketing Destiny | MarketingHits |

Google can feel like a dungeon master. If your website is mission critical, and whose isn't now, and any traffic source controls more than 30% of your websites traffic and/or conversions you are in trouble.

Diversification is the key to online marketing success. This post is about 3 Giant Steps to creating your own Internet marketing destiny. Following these steps mean Google's moves will hurt less.

If you've just been tagged with a traffic penalty don't rush out and start changing things. Organic change is needed, but you should do so with a plan.

BUT, you can double down on PPC, up your email marketing fequency and increase social. Those moves may close the gap left by a Google algorithm change while you begin to remove links (with and do the other things that will get your Google train back on track.

Here is the piece about how to diversify your traffic sources and build your list:

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