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6 Reasons Your Blog Content Won’t Go Viral

6 Reasons Your Blog Content Won’t Go Viral | MarketingHits |

Here are 6 reasons your content won’t get shared (and it absolutely won’t go viral):

1) No Sharing Buttons (or they’re hidden)

In order to help your content spread, you have to reduce the friction of sharing. In other words, make it very easy to share via Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Pinterest and via email.

2) You Have a Boring Headline

Headlines are the first things people see when the visit your website or blog.

3) You’re Not Connected In Social Media and/or You Don’t Share it Yourself

If a tree falls in the forest but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Translated into blogging, this is, “If a post is written but there’s no one around to read or share it, was it really written at all?”.

4) Your Posts Are All About You

I have nothing against you, your company, your products, the benefits of your products, the different colors you offer, your financing plans, your client case studies, your demos or your company events. It’s just that it’s not that interesting for me as a reader.

5) You Don’t Have an Artisanal Attitude to Crafting Content

Blog posts that are produced as “check the box” activities will never be exceptional. In other words, an inspired piece of content can get hundreds or thousands of shares while an uninspired one can get zero.

6) You Don’t Post Often Enough To Become Good At It

Every content creator starts off producing average (or below average) content. Get over that fact.

You have to produce enough content, get enough feedback, see what people respond to and find your own voice…and that requires that you put in some time.

by Tom Treanor

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