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How @HomeDepot Successfully Hammers Out Social Media Marketing

How @HomeDepot Successfully Hammers Out Social Media Marketing | MarketingHits |

“Break it down – Stop, Hammer time!”

Although MC Hammer’s classic tune isn’t exactly Home Depot’s theme song, for these purposes it may as well be. After analyzing the brand’s social success, we broke down the contributing components by way of marketing factors and social networks. In between online marketing, of course, they have to stop for – you got it, hammer time.

The world’s largest home improvement retailer has been around since 1979 – long before Google! Through the years, they have not only effectively transitioned into the Internet-era, but learned how to thrive. Home Depot’s strong focus on customer service has likely aided their social adoption: more ways to reach and serve customers means higher customer satisfaction and increased visibility.

Home Depot is well-known for building, painting, storage, décor and tools – hammers included – and now they can add social media to the list. They are successful in social media marketing for several reasons. They maintain an incredibly active social presence, regularly engage their audience, capitalize on timely events and add value. They also create original content on their blog, “The Apron.” 

Brian Yanish -'s insight:

This article features 4 key points that Home Depots used to build on social media.

Maintain an active social presence.

Engage your audience

Capitalize on timely events.

Add Value.

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