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Play The ULTIMATE Game: Help Cure Cancer Starter's Nonprofit Application

Play The ULTIMATE Game: Help Cure Cancer Starter's Nonprofit Application | MarketingHits |

Contests & Games Revolution Cures Cancer
As many of my friends know I'm a cancer survivor. I have Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. If the word "chronic" makes you think there is no cure you would be correct. This is why I've formed the #TechCuresCancer movement and am creating a foundation to support cool uses of TECH to CURE CANCER. 

Being a cancer survivor teaches valuable life lessons. The value of helping others chief among them. We are working on (, a crowdfunding platform for cancer research (there is a video of me explaining our mission on 

Next week we file for 501c3 nonprofit status in the US. We need your help. 

If you could send the following note:

“This note confirms ______________ intention to contribute to the Elizabeth Martin and Duncan Smith Story of Cancer Foundation and its mission to help cancer patients, their friends and families and cancer research institutions.  Our contribution is included in our current budget and is ready for immediate disbursement.  It is uncertain whether this donation will be available in our next budget cycle, so we would like to support the Foundation as soon as possible.”




from a business email address before next Wednesday April 10th it would be a HUGE help.


The note is NOT a commitment, but will be a big help in moving our application through what can be a lengthy process. 

If you know other businesses who would be willing to take a few minutes and help I would owe you LUNCH at the very least :). 

Thanks & You ROCK,  



Martin Smith

Founder, Cure Cancer Starter 


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