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Manage Your Marketing: Your Employees Now Represent You Online

Manage Your Marketing: Your Employees Now Represent You Online | MarketingHits |

What do you care about this “social media stuff” anyway? Your company isn’t involved in it. You checked to see if there was any “buzz” about you and your products. Nothing. So who cares about tweeting and Facebooking and whatever that Pin thing is? It’s not impacting you. You’re not using it formarketing. You’re not using it for customer service. Who cares? Right?

Well, you might want to reconsider that position at least a little bit. Here’s the problem that you might not be thinking about.

On Facebook especially, it’s really easy to note where you work. In fact, Facebook begs you to fill out fields in your “about” section regarding where you went to school and all of the places you’ve worked. That’s how you build networks on the social media platform, after all. People also tend to mention where they work on their Twitter bios, and your Twitter bio can be picked up on other platforms that connect to your Twitter account. A person can carry their workplace with them pretty much anywhere they go online.

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