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Be Delightfully Disruptive

Be Delightfully Disruptive | MarketingHits |

Our global, collaborative marketplace is driving innovation faster than ever before. Small companies are leveraging the power of social and automated marketing, appearing larger and making it harder to differentiate between small and big businesses. This increased lack of differentiation means it’s getting harder to get noticed.

Disruption in the marketing world is not a new idea – in fact, it’s one of its founding principles. But there are two sides to disruption – dark and delightful. How many times have you been confused by that home page takeover that unexpectedly interrupts the article you’re reading online? Or the video that autoplays from a mysterious place on a website you’re visiting, leaving you scrambling for your speaker volume? This is the dark side of disruption – annoying, frustrating and downright ineffective. Disruption to gain audience attention, when done right, can be absolutely delightful.

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Great article - STANDING OUT - is a must in today's quick moving media market.

Bryan Kramer's comment, March 28, 2013 12:10 PM
Thanks Brian!