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Now You Can Tag Facebook Friends From Other Apps (Do you care?)

Now You Can Tag Facebook Friends From Other Apps (Do you care?) | MarketingHits |

Facebook on Tuesday added the ability for people to mention friends on the service via Open Graph apps.“

With this frequently requested feature, companies like Foursquare can implement user mentions that work like they do in posts on Facebook,” a Facebook representative said in a blog post announcing the addition.

“When people mention a friend in an Open Graph app, the story on Facebook links the person’s name to their timeline, and their friend will receive a notification. The story will also be added to the friend’s timeline or, if enabled, to timeline review. There are no privacy changes associated with this new feature.”

Different than Action Tagging (tagging someone you are physically with), Mention Tagging is designed to be used when someone wants to reference a person in a particular post. For instance, tag the friends in a photo or suggest that a friend check out a restaurant where you’re eating dinner.

Brian's comments:

I got you targeted, now your friends. (insert evil laugh)

Advertisers dreams are coming true, soon I will be able to target your friends based on what you did or didn't do.

Facebook needs to show shareholders some $$$$, your data is going to be sold in more ways than you can think.

#1 targeted demographic, young, new parents or even better parents to be, and Facebook has their data for sale for the right price.

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