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iPad Mini Will Compete With Nexus 7, To Cost $249-$299 [REPORT]

iPad Mini Will Compete With Nexus 7, To Cost $249-$299 [REPORT] | MarketingHits |
All talk of the purported iPad Mini has been relatively quiet during the past month or two, but with Google announcing its Nexus 7 tablet at the I/O fanfare last week, more information appears to be surfacing with regards to how Apple plans to tackle the very powerful, inexpensive device.

Originally, it wasn’t thought Apple would break from its current form factor of a 9.7-inch screen and premium price bracket, but if a notion is repeated enough times, through a variety of sources, it does eventually begin to sound plausible, as has happened with the supposed 7.85-inch iPad, otherwise referred to as the "iPad Mini."

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