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P2P Social File Sharing: Send Large Files To Any Fiend on Facebook with Pipe

From the official site: "As surprising as it sounds, there's currently no easy and effective way to transfer a file to a friend via Facebook. Pipe has taken a common feature of communication - attaching a file - and turned it into something simple and fun to use.

Privacy is guaranteed as it's a direct connection from one device to the other, between friends.

Pipe creates a direct, real-time connection between two devices with no intermediary server.

Pipe starts as an application on Facebook, and is then migrating to mobile devices and tablets.

  • Support for any file format, up to 1GB
  • Only the sender needs to be on Pipe
  • Invite a friend to Pipe with a simple file transfer
  • Direct connection with no intermediary server

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Patty Ball's comment, May 21, 2012 4:37 PM
be careful... there are lots of "fiends on facebook