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Learning Business Leadership Lessons From The Superheroes

Learning Business Leadership Lessons From The Superheroes | Marketing Sales and RRHH |
Your favorite superhero has the power to save your business too. It's time for the business owners to take lessons from superheroes, and implement them in order to achieve success.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Agnipravo Sengupta's comment, August 28, 2013 3:03 AM
Thanks everyone for the encouraging words... I'm glad you all loved my write-up...
harish magan's comment, August 30, 2013 2:51 AM
Yes We all like your writings, please keep it up
Anh VU's curator insight, August 30, 2013 9:51 AM

The 198x Vietnamese generation (in their early 30s now) grew up with Tsubasa, Teppi, Dragon Balls, Doraemon, TKKG. Mostly about friendship &  hardworking spirit than super hero.


Quote from article: "Do you remember spending sleepless nights as a kid, reading your favorite superhero comic books? If you do, then you might also remember that “giving up” is not what the superheroes teach us. Well, no one is going to get a neutron laser or an indestructible shield for sure! However, there are some effective and invaluable lessons every business owner can learn from his favorite superhero, and implement them on the business battlefield."

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The $20M Content Review Opportunity No One Wants - ScentTrail White Paper

The $20M Content Review Opportunity No One Wants - ScentTrail White Paper | Marketing Sales and RRHH |

THE Content Review Goldmine
I love to debate the differences between B2C and B2B Internet marketing. When I left my Director of Ecommerce position to become Dir of Marketing for Atlantic BT, Raleigh's largest web and software development agency, I heard about how different B2C (what I knew) and B2B were from one another. 

Yeah not so much. 

Timing is different, but not as different as you think. B2C only SEEMS like their transactions are immediate. On the Ecom site I managed at this time of year we would expect 3 to 4 visits before a purchase. 

The summer is slow for most B2C Holiday-oriented websites, but Christmas happens on Google right now. The snap shot from the summer is what controls the fall so Christmas gets earlier and earlier for most ecommerce merchants. 

Big ticket B2B selling is more relationship based. You can translate that last sentence to mean more visits and so content plays a key role in building the relationship over time and converting the sale (even though connecting the top of a B2B websites funnel with the bottom can be a challenge). 

I developed this analysis for Bazaar Voice, still a favorite tool despite their turning down Cure Cancer Starter for assistance via their nascent foundation. I wanted to alert Bazaar Voice that there is a business AT LEAST as big as the one they are managing now (about $40M topline) in content reviews. 

They didn't buy it. I think they missed a huge new market. Content marketers have "products" too. Our products are the content we create. Reviews generated more engagement than "comments" and reviews are already half way to gamification. 

Why haven't B2B content marketers flocked to Bazaar Voice? Because they don't know what they don't know and, oh btw, B2B is so different than B2C. 

Yeah not so much. 

Read this "white paper" analysis and see if you don't think there is a sizable business sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up.  


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Rescooped by Esther Turón Perez from Curation Revolution!

The Content Marketing Mix [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot

The Content Marketing Mix [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot | Marketing Sales and RRHH |
As the proliferation of the web continues to create more independent and informed consumers, sales and marketing teams have had to evolve their strategies to cater to a generation of consumers that no longer wish to be “sold” to.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 16, 2013 9:56 AM

Working on a business plan for a suite of publishing tools called SpinSnip and found this post and graphic from the inbound marketing team at Pardot (didn't know they were purchased by SalesForce...interesting) helpful. 

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B2B Content Marketing: Trends and Benchmarks for 2012

B2B Content Marketing: Trends and Benchmarks for 2012 | Marketing Sales and RRHH |

Content marketing is gaining in popularity: 83.5% of B2B marketers surveyed say they are stepping up their content marketing production over the next 12 months, up from the 71% who said so a year earlier, according to a survey from Optify.


Some 15.0% of surveyed B2B marketers expect content volume to stay flat in 2012, and only 1.5% are expecting a decrease.


Below, additional findings from the 2012 B2B Content Marketing Trends Survey, based on a poll of 740 members of the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn. Almost one-half of respondents work for high-tech (24%) or software (22%) companies, and more than one-half of those surveyed are from companies with fewer than 100 employees.


Content Marketing Goals

B2B marketers use content marketing to achieve a variety of marketing goals and cite the following as their top 3:

Lead generation: 68% Thought leadership/market education: 50% Brand awareness: 39%

Top Content Tactics

B2B marketers also use a wide variety of content marketing tactics to achieve their goals.

The most popular content tactics are case studies (62%), whitepapers and e-books (61%), press releases (58%), newsletters (55%), and blogging (51%).


By contrast, fewer B2B marketers are using tactics such as advertorials (11%), community threading (12%), and virtual events (18%).

Effectiveness of Content Tactics
Case studies, in addition to being the most popular content tactic, seem the most effective (78%). Whitepapers rank second in effectiveness (73%), followed by in-person events (72%).

The least effective content formats are advertorials (18%), community threading (20%), and virtual events (31%).

Graphics are gaining in effectiveness: 43% of B2B marketers cite graphic content as the most effective content format, up from 28% in 2011.

Ingredients of Great Content
Among B2B marketers, successful content starts with engaging and compelling storytelling (81.5%), originality (52.6%), and customized content (49.2%), followed by well-edited copy (38.5%) and professional writing (38.3%).


Social Channels
Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform among B2B marketers, at 85%, followed by Twitter (70%), Facebook (54%), and YouTube (53%). (The LinkedIn number is likely skewed considering the majority of survey respondents came from the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn).


Other key findings:

56% of B2B marketers cite "time and bandwidth" as their biggest challenge to creating content, and 53% cite producing truly engaging content. 94% of B2B marketers create new content from scratch, 39% curate third-party content, 32% reuse existing content, and just 30% encourage user-generated content. Top performance metrics for content marketers include Web traffic (64%), content views and downloads (59%), lead quantity (52%), and lead quality (52%). Only 26% of B2B marketers are actively creating content to feed their marketing automation campaign; 56% do not use marketing automation at all.


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