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THE Content Review Goldmine
I love to debate the differences between B2C and B2B Internet marketing. When I left my Director of Ecommerce position to become Dir of Marketing for Atlantic BT, Raleigh's largest web and software development agency, I heard about how different B2C (what I knew) and B2B were from one another. 

Yeah not so much. 

Timing is different, but not as different as you think. B2C only SEEMS like their transactions are immediate. On the Ecom site I managed at this time of year we would expect 3 to 4 visits before a purchase. 

The summer is slow for most B2C Holiday-oriented websites, but Christmas happens on Google right now. The snap shot from the summer is what controls the fall so Christmas gets earlier and earlier for most ecommerce merchants. 

Big ticket B2B selling is more relationship based. You can translate that last sentence to mean more visits and so content plays a key role in building the relationship over time and converting the sale (even though connecting the top of a B2B websites funnel with the bottom can be a challenge). 

I developed this analysis for Bazaar Voice, still a favorite tool despite their turning down Cure Cancer Starter for assistance via their nascent foundation. I wanted to alert Bazaar Voice that there is a business AT LEAST as big as the one they are managing now (about $40M topline) in content reviews. 

They didn't buy it. I think they missed a huge new market. Content marketers have "products" too. Our products are the content we create. Reviews generated more engagement than "comments" and reviews are already half way to gamification. 

Why haven't B2B content marketers flocked to Bazaar Voice? Because they don't know what they don't know and, oh btw, B2B is so different than B2C. 

Yeah not so much. 

Read this "white paper" analysis and see if you don't think there is a sizable business sitting on the ground waiting to be picked up.  


Via Martin (Marty) Smith