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Nooks, Kindles, iPads…oh my! Whatever happened to paperback and hardbacks?! According to one source, people who own e-readers are reading more than they might otherwise, as reflected in rising e-book sales. As a result, e-reader sales continue to increase. Could e-books eventually make good old fashioned books obsolete? Probably not. One reason? For now, only 20% of e-reader owners say that the e-content they want is always available. But the number of people using e-readers is growing. Learn more about the habits of those who feel the need to e-read.

Marty Note
I think we can count on books going the way of newspapers. The cost of putting print to paper is so much greater than digital creation that it is inevitable eBooks will win larger and larger shares because the price will be right for both consumers and producers.

I've noticed that anything in my life that requires physical curation such as my music collection, my book collection or my painting collection I am less interested in these days.
The problem with curating physical things instead of bits and bytes is physical things take up spaces, are hard to move and create clutter.

Moving my books and music online frees up that place in my brain that was dedicated to consumption for the sake of building a collection. The old hunter / gatherer dies hard, but that psyche is dying. 

So yes, books will go the way of newspapers. 

Via Brian Yanish - MarketingHits.com, William Machado