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The Semantic Web: A Primer

The Semantic Web: A Primer | Marketing Revolution |

We all know the semantic web is coming, but what the heck is a "semantic web". The short course is machines understanding laguage in all its idiom and human vulnerabilities.

If "machines capable of understanding language" sounds a little Terminator 2 or confusing read this excellent primer from

BTW, if you are thinking the semantic web changes everything from how we design and develop websites to how we think about information architexture and content marketer you are CORRECT.

If you have thoughts on what all of that means to how we did the ditches we need to actually create Internet marketing please share your thoughts, ideas and comments :). M

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Video Marketing Captures Hearts & Minds BETTER Than Other Content [Video]

Video Marketing Captures Hearts & Minds BETTER Than Other Content [Video] | Marketing Revolution |
Video Captures Hearts & Minds
Glad friends +Atlantic Creative reminded me of this panel conversation. The issue was a tough one. How can a man whose son…
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Winning Hearts and Minds with Video Marketing
Glad friends at Atlantic Creative reminded me of my answer to a TOUGH question. I was on an Internet marketing panel and was asked how a man whose son has a disease only 700 people get a year could create a movement in support of his son.

My answer was STORY and VIDEO. Tell the "Universal Story", the "Hero With A Thousand Faces" story that connects us. True only 700 people are unlucky enough to get this illness, but our ability to care about and create a cure for is infinite.

Infinite but dependent on telling a great story that connect a disease that 700 children get a year to our human desire to HELP, FIX and SUPPORT. Video is the best tool to tell that story because video engages our hearts and minds.

Video marketing is also highly viral. When someone embeds your video the juice goes back to the source. If you read that sentence like you MUST play video inside your website IN ADDITION TO YouTube you read it correctly.

Where does GoogleJuice go when a video is on YouTube? Yep to THEM not YOU. YouTube is a valuable CHANNEL for your video marketing, but you MUST host and play videos within your website's "technical stack" too.

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Why Groupon Doesn't and Won't Work

Why Groupon Doesn't and Won't Work | Marketing Revolution |
Groupon is all about the pitch. Small to medium sized businesses were suckered into believing Groupon campaigns = Internet marketing.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wanted to remind Small To Medium sized businesses that Groupon isn NOT Internet marketing as we plan for 4Q. Groupon is a destroyer of brands, so don't be tempted to substitute a silver bullet where a little elbow grease in the form of content marketing is called for.

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How to Measure Content Marketing Success | Infographic

How to Measure Content Marketing Success | Infographic | Marketing Revolution |

This infographic recommends three broad areas to evaluate when assessing content marketing success. With more than 90% of companies now doing some form of content marketing, the logical question is: how do you know if you’re doing it well?

In terms of “what” to measure, this infographic from Brandpoint recommends three broad areas to assess:

  • • Awareness (e.g., search engine rank for target keywords,  social metrics such as likes and followers);
  • • Consideration (longer average visit duration, social shares); and
  • • Conversion (increased conversion rate, growth in newsletter subscriptions).

In terms of “how” to measure success, CMOs utilizing a sophisticated web presence optimization framework for maximizing content marketing results will likely embrace tools for measuring competitive multi-channel marketing metrics—not just “are we making progress?” but also “how are we doing compared to our competitors?”

Read more at the article link...

Via Lauren Moss, Alessandro Rea
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Social media requires new Key Performance Indicators because the value of social media marketing goes deeper than a single Stimulus -Response monkey on a string conversion. Greatbinfographic to help figure out those new KPIs.

tonic ATX's curator insight, April 7, 2014 10:32 AM

Love this graphic on measuring content:

Digital Marketing - WSI France's curator insight, April 24, 2014 5:33 AM

Comment mesurer votre marketing de contenu? La réponse avec cette infographie

Carlos Bisbal's curator insight, June 19, 2014 1:36 PM

¿Como medir el éxito del marketing de contenidos? #infografia #infographic #marketing

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Vision, Purpose & Value Define New Era In Social Media Marketing [@Briansolis & Pivot Team]

Vision, Purpose & Value Define New Era In Social Media Marketing [@Briansolis & Pivot Team] | Marketing Revolution |

If you don't follow Brian Solis you should if only for great lines like this:

"In a connected economy where information becomes a powerful currency, social data will only help you benchmark where you are to help visualize where you could be."

Indeed social provides one of the most valuable and alive benchmarks any marketer could hope for, but social media marketing's giving doesn't end there as the amazing array of charts and graphs generated by  pivot team . 

This deck is worth spending some serious time with as it is sure to influence your Internet marketing.  

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YouTube's New High End Studio FREE, For The Cool Kids

YouTube's New High End Studio FREE, For The Cool Kids | Marketing Revolution |
Youtube's new Hollywood studio is free, for some The idea is to dangle the prospect of Hollywood stardom before the eyes of millions of YouTube contributors in the hope that they'll step their games up, raise production values and shift...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Google's Rich Get Richer
If you've read Barabasi's book Linked: How Everything Is Connected TO Everything Else you know one mathematical certainty online is the RICH get RICHER.

YouTube and Google have created a cool state-of-the-art video creation facility. FREE if you can pay the freight. Free if you have the views, the velocity and the star potential.

Expect more of "Rich Get Richer" online marketing grouping since everyone wants the same thing - JUICE (buzz, viral content, whatever). BTW, the least likely way to create buzz is to follow the crowd.

IF that last sentence sounds like CATCH-22 it is and isn't. Actually its more like, "Any club that wants me for a member I don't want to have anything to do with," since to qualify for Google's free studio time means giving up the thing that got you the free studio time (ah and there's the Internet marketing rub if I ever heard it or thought it lol).  

One sure bet is RICH will get RICHER via the Internet marketing's compound interest (links). Disruption is quickly becoming your best contrarian play.  

One contrarian play that is rapidly becoming a favorite is don't aspire to be RICHER than you need. If 12 people and a dog can keep the mortgage paid and the product development engine primed then maye that is "rich enough" for you.

Google wants us to aspire to an increasing MORE in speed and volume. Perhaps one of the most magical things about the web is you can reach those 12 people and a dog who care about what you are doing the most.

Herasy I realize, but the hamster wheel of MORE seems a rigged game. When Google / YouTube creates a "by invitation only" star system they reinforce the rigged nature of the game.

The real REVOLUTION online is not everyone plays any game ever, so here's hoping 12 people and a dog find you and are sufficient to keep the wolf from the door :). Maybe we don't ALL have to get RICHER just better? Crazy talk I realize.  

BTW, YES the irony of providing tools to those who would seem to need them the least did strike me. CATCH-22 :). M  

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SoundCloud Is A COOL Social Net For Sounds [Cool App of the Week]

SoundCloud Is A COOL Social Net For Sounds [Cool App of the Week] | Marketing Revolution |
Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SoundCloud Sounds Like MAGIC
I'm in my honeymoon period with my new iPad. You know that first week when you load 100 apps most of which you will never open or use. One new app I encourage people and e-commerce merchants to explore is SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is a sound sample of the world. The app's UI is easy to use and its catalog of User Generated Content (contributed sounds) is big and sure to get bigger.


I just tweeted the sound of wind blowing in tall grass. A few birds squawk and sing, time passes. It sounds like grassy dunes next to a beach, but the beach and the waves are far enough wind and birds dominate.

Impossible to listen to pwhitty's magical 10 minute recording and feel anything other than more relaxed than when you started. Sounds are such a powerful artistic medium unused in contemporary e-commerce.

SoundCloud will fix that since its possible to curate sound in the same way we curate images or video. Sample, edit, tag and mix to tell a more complete story, set a mood or help illustrate our words and images.

What is the power of a few sample of pwwhitty's magical ten minutes of wind and birds moving tall grass? Think a 3x or 4x increase in conversion not to mention a whole new dimension to User Generated Content (UGC) for contests and games.

Ask your visitors what SEO sounds like or provide a prize for the best summer vacation sounds and let UGC do it's #SEO and content marketing magic.

Kudos SoundCloud for hearing what only you heard and for creating such an elegant and seductive tool.

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The Virtuous Social Loop - Why Facebook is Making Ecom More $ Than They Realize

The Virtuous Social Loop - Why Facebook is Making Ecom More $ Than They Realize | Marketing Revolution |
Facebook provides a social network ecosystem that allows you to share music, photos and information that can be seen by your friends in their timeline and ticker.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Facebook Login - The Secret To Virtuous Viral Loop
When you make it easy to create accounts with Facebook, preferred by 60% for account creation, you your customer is on their way to helping your ecommerce website in ways we are only beginning to fully understand. 

The Virtuous Loop
53% of people who click on your product page BUY and 81% of social sharers post their purchase to Facebook and so influence another round of buying. 

Done right, with support and gamification, this social proof / buying loop winds up like a perpetual motion machine. Your e-commerce website becomes like a coil with each run through winding the coil that much tighter. 

Where does the loop show up in your analytics? Look for increasing numbers of customers coming from Facebook. Make watching Facebook source traffic a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). 

You may want to identify a Facebook sharer persona too. Start with those who signed up with Facebook. Be sure to TAG those customers and reference Facebook and social shares in your Email marketing.

Next look for patterns within the Facebook group. Go beyond heavy, medium and light and look for levels of engagement and what kinds of tools increase shares (social shares on product page or in cart for example). 

Bottom Line
1. Make sure you have Facebook login as an option.

2. Curate and praise Facebook shares. 
3. Watch Facebook shares like a hawk. 

Peg Corwin's curator insight, July 6, 2013 11:40 AM

The influence of social sharing on Facebook et al is probably more relevant to some products, like music or technology or ice cream, than other personal, high dollar items.  

This phenomenon may be hard for those over 40 to grasp, when we don't know anyone who behaves in that way.

Certainly ecommerce sites should add social logins and social sharing buttons. It's the future.

Ramesh Srinivasaraghavan's comment, July 10, 2013 9:21 PM
Read this report (just the summary) talking about social sales some days ago - Curious to hear your take on the same.
yifatcohen's curator insight, July 20, 2013 10:15 AM

Word of mouth has moved into Google Search. This data is more relevant to your business than you might think.

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20 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Stinks & What To Do About It - CMI [+Marty Note]

20 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Stinks & What To Do About It - CMI [+Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |

Review this list of 20 things that make content stink. If you have check marks next to more than two your content marketing is stiinking up the joint. Don't worry, you are not alone. Share a few tips on what to do to stink less and wind your way toward great content marketing.

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Content Is The New Search Marketing Currency

Content Is The New Search Marketing Currency | Marketing Revolution |
Content Is The New Currency For Smarter Search And Smarter Marketing - 06/27/2013
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Interesting to think of content as a currency. Content does act like a currency in a lot of ways including:

* Earns Interest (older content continue to contribute). 

* Costs lower over time (as engine gets more efficient and archive is built). 

* Returns multiply exponentially once authority is established. 

* Investment is required to have a chance to create authority. 

Content is like having a savings account when you were a kid. Your parents made you open it with your grannie's birthday money. The sum may have been so small you missed the BIG LESSON. 

The BIG LESSON is money only has one purpose - self replication via compound interest. Money's natural state is one of decay. Eaten away by inflation and other natural enemies money can wilt, dry up and blow away. 

The only way to overcome money's natural decay is to create a "money tree" that replaces the fruit you pick. Content marketing acts like money too. Its natural state is decay. You must tend your "content crops" with social support and links to "evergreen" or "tent poll" posts. 

Think of linking in like watering. When you water your content marketing crops they become strong and are able to fight off content marketing’s decay. The more sophisticated your engine is about watering the better off your content crop is. 

Features such as:

* People who've read X, also like Y.

* Similar posts "upsale" lists.

* Related posts "cross-sale lists.
* Most popular lists.

* Most commented on list.


By treating content as the "products" and "currency" it is your website and Internet marketing team is more likely to have content do the most magical thing - clone itself via social likes and shares. 

"Clone" isn't exactly right, but each social signal tells Google your content is valuable (no matter when it was created) AND prevents decay. Soon, when author rank is fully incorporated in SEO, your content will have generations of benefit it can gain or share. 

Content is the new "currency' of search marketing.  

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The "Charity" Problem | Dan Pallotta TED Video + Marty Note

Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls out the double standard that drives our broken relationship to charities. Too many nonprofits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend -- not for what they get done.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Cure Cancer Starter's Lessons
We are working with leading cancer researchers such as Duke and UNC to create a cool crowdfunding platform for cancer reearch called ( 

This experience alternates between soaring highs and crushing lows. Many of the crushing lows come as I try to convince SaaS vendors to partner with us and make more on the backend than they could ever make on the frontend. 

 I get it and I don't. When I approach a Bazaar Voice or a Bronto to work with us I'm not asking for a handout. We are looking for visionary partners who can work with us to cure cancer AND crack new markets. 

Social marketing works because people buy with LOVE. When all needs are met we buy from those we trust and we want to help and who have helped us. When I speak to vendors about how connection to something as magical as curing cancer CHANGES their brand they look at me like my cat when he is hungry. 

If I try to play with Lucian the cat when he is hungry he looks at me exasperated. If I feed him when he wants to play he will eat but not with his usual gusto. Clearly I've done a LOUSY job of matching Cure Cancer Starter's positioning for the capitalists we need to help. 


The problem is life is different but not so different it can't be denied, avoided or otherwise obstructed. My poor attempts to convince SaaS vedors that the best "advertising" is to help a cool project work on curing cancer flopped. 

The problem is in context. They see Cure Cancer Starter and hear I am funding with my 401K and the patronizing starts (all except for Brett Hurt at Bazaar Voice who gave us a fair hearing and who is a generous, brilliant man still said NO but did so nicely and with grace). The idea that THEIR BIG DESTINY is controlled by a series of little ideas like mine has escaped my capitalists brothers and sisters. 


Doing the right thing is increasingly the right thing to do, the most profitable thing, the most rewarding thing. Bazaar Voice is a great tool, but let's face it reviews come in pulgins now so they aren't as special as when BV could charge $35K a year for their SaaS. 

Ecom is bursting out all over, but Bazaar Voice remains an "enterprise" option. If you read that last lie as EXPENSIVE you are correct. Why isn't there a Bazaar Voice tool set for content marketers? Why isn't their a boutique offering for SMBs (to compete with the plugins)? 

BV's founder is working for a leading Austin VC firm and they've brought in some excellent senior talent (former big hitter from BlackBaud and Convio is now their President). It takes COURAGE and VISION to see into the future, but any marketer should be in touch with  a few truths including:

* Social Media Changes Everything. 
* The Most Important presentation is now the content on your website.

* Most website SaaS and B2B content lacks emotional resonance. 

* Many B2B marketers talk to themselves about themselves to infinity. 

* Money goes to the disruptors, to the brave. 

* Money goes to those who WIN Hearts AND Minds. 

* Most B2B marketing seeks to win MIND over Heart (good luck). 

I failed with Bazaar Voice and jury is still out with my favoirte dinosaur (Bronto). I may fail there too. I will get better and it will be easier to pitch something that exists in the world. 

Pitching a "will be launcing soon" is like asking people to play chess in their head. Some can, but most can't play chess in their head. In the meantime I only have one message for every B2B marketer out there: 



Esther Turón Perez 's comment, June 28, 2013 3:33 PM
Very good post, thanks for share.
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5 Branded Content Channels Tor Better Discoverability and SEO

5 Branded Content Channels Tor Better Discoverability and SEO | Marketing Revolution |
Business 2 Community
The 5 Branded Content Channels You Need for Better Discoverability
Business 2 Community
You probably already have a presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but do you have a YouTube channel?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agree weaving these 5 ideas together creates more power than either alone. The key is in the weaving not the "either or" approach we tend to take. You can't eliminate one of these ideas (blogging say) without the whole being significantly LESS than it was WITH that idea on board.

Virtually every one of these signals is an important SEO "confirmation signal" to though this article doesn't get into the many SEO benefits of weaving awards with blogs posts and strong support from social rating sites (StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious).

Do all of these things well and your website gets discovered. Do some of them well and you leave money on the table.

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8 Steps To Effective Content For Social Media [Slides] - B2B Marketing Insider

8 Steps To Effective Content For Social Media [Slides] - B2B Marketing Insider | Marketing Revolution |
Are you struggling with what to share on your social networks? Here are 8 simple steps to creating effective content for social media.

8 Steps To Effective Content For Social Media

  1. Listen first
  2. Stop creating crap
  3. Engage your audience
  4. Find your voice
  5. Be helpful
  6. Find your Rhythm: (the 4-1-1 rule of social sharing)
  7. Reject excuses for not using any social channels
  8. Be entertaining, if you can

To Read more and the slides of Michael: click here


Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love the "listen first" idea. Best ideas come from THEM (the sentient mob). #2 is infinitely more difficult since THEY also determine what is crap. The way to pave with golden bricks is to pave and understand how to mix mortar into gold. That is another way of saying you are going to produce some crap its inevitable (and needed).

The 4-1-1 Rule is for every 1 self promotion piece you should RT one and share 4. Had to look this up and the rule was popularaized by the Content Marketing Institute and Joe Pulizzi (a trusted source0. I agree, find your own 4-1-1 rule, but I like the the emphasis on OPC (Other People's Content).

Solid slides, great post by John (@AtDotComSocial).

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Imagine The New Story - Why Stories Create Change

Imagine The New Story - Why Stories Create Change | Marketing Revolution |

"We are vehemently faithful to our own view of the world, our story. We want to know what new story we’re stepping into before we exit the old one. We don’t want an exit if we don’t know exactly where it is going to take us, even – or perhaps especially – in an emergency. This is so, I hasten to add, whether we are patients or psychoanalysts."

Via Gregg Morris, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Is Your Internet Marketing Telling A Great Story?
Wow, this is GREAT. I love this sentence,

"I think it is because change requires loss. And the prospect of loss is far more powerful than potential gain. It’s difficult to imagine what a change will do to us. This is why we need stories so desperately."

The implication, stories are the key to change, rings true and so the right question is how can we tell better stories, stories that promote the change we want :).

Buying anything anytime is a form of "change". We want the security of knowing our money will be well spent and the excitement of new experience. When in doubt, as this great post points out, we stand pat. We hesitate because we can't imagine the new story.

Here is another implication. Our jobs as Internet marketers is really to help our visitors imagine the new story :). M

Esther Coronel De Iberkleid's comment, August 10, 2013 8:59 PM
Great article SHAWN COYNE! Thank you very much. Even though it is difficult for anyone to say what he would have done in an emergency situation like 9/11 since the emotions have to be felt to fire the engine and take any action, it is very interesting to still reflect and think about these type of situations for sure. What I believe is the most important thing for us human beings is to understand the value of life more than the value of things. Wealth is related with that fact, because wealth is related to freedom, love, compassion and understanding of the purpose of our own life
Karen Dietz's curator insight, September 4, 2013 4:27 PM

Many thanks to fellow curator Gregg Morris for finding and sharing this article! 

I'm working with an organizaiton right  now in the throws of huge change on multiple levels. It is a wild time and helping them find, frame, and share their stories is just beginning.

This article is a terrific place to start for thinking about the stories people need to hear when facing change. And the story shared in the post is powerful indeed.

In fact, this article fits very nicely into another recent article I posted by Rafe Martin on the importance of folklore and stories. Stories -- specifically folk tales -- help us respond to change, providing mental structures and pathways for us to follow when change happens.

As we all know, change is constant. Storytelling is a huge help. I hope you gain lots of great insights from this article and it gets you thinking about your next steps.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at

Krista Finstad-Milion's curator insight, October 6, 2013 9:21 AM

The Kübler-Ross Change curve is a tool you can store in your back pocket and pull our to help others get on with what is essential. You can also use it to coach yourself through the challenges of dealing with changes beyond your control.  In the ICN Executive MBA change management module, we combine this tool with others such as story-telling in a co-learning approach.

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PR Disaster Scenarios That Can Actually Be…Helpful?

PR Disaster Scenarios That Can Actually Be…Helpful? | Marketing Revolution |
We’ve all heard our older, wiser mentors tell us that errors and failures are just a learning experience in disguise. But, boy is that the last thing you w
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Mikie Kennedy is a great onlie and SEOPR revoluitonary. If you've never received Mickie's newsletter or followed him on Twitter you should do both. By the time you click on the link above my comment about getting out of PR disasters may be live. 

If not check the piece I wrote for @SmallRivers (the team)

5 Social Media Safety Tips Part 1 

Party 2 

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Why VIDEO Rocks Content Marketing from @BizStoryteller

Why VIDEO Rocks Content Marketing from @BizStoryteller | Marketing Revolution |

@BizStoryTeller (Brandon Hoe) is a friend who knows all about the creation of great videos. This blog post explains why #Video #Marketing is the fastest growing Small To Medium Sized Business (SMBs) conent.

Brandon shares good tips for video length and subject. Great blog post.

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New "Monopoly" Teaches The Value Of Corporate Marketing

New "Monopoly" Teaches The Value Of Corporate Marketing | Marketing Revolution |
Monopoly might be a great, classic board game, but who wants to own Park Place and Boardwalk when you could own Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Xbox and EA?

That’s basically the gist of Monopoly Empire, Hasbro’s latest marketing-happy abomination. Basically it plays like the classic real estate trading game, except the goal here – and I couldn’t even make this up – is to “own the world’s biggest brands” by building the largest most soul-sucking (read: profitable) corporate tower and crushing your competition.

According to the Monopoly Empire website: “Every space on the board is an iconic brand, including Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Samsung! Splash your Monopoly cash to build your Empire tower as high as it can go.” Among tokens you can play as are the Xbox controller and a box of McDonald’s French fries (and if this isn’t proof the Occupiers lost, I don’t know what is).
Brian Yanish -'s insight:

I think the real story here is how Monopoly has rebranded itself over the years in order to keep selling the game. The use of different platforms, like apps has kept the brand top of mind.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 29, 2013 9:41 AM
Agree with Brian. The brand's ability to stay relevant since the 1930s is nothing short of miraculous. I created a board game called Poetryslam, a word version of Scrabble, and can tell you it is NOT easy to create one hit much less continually re-invent a game like Monopoly. Whether this latest version is a success or not I'm betting Monopoly's brand only gets stronger over time. Whether BRANDS will inspire as much angst ans if a player should buy Park Place or not is question only time will tell. Here in North Carolina they play for ownership of the ACC (lol).
Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Cultura de massa no Século XXI (Mass Culture in the XXI Century)!


SEVEN STEPS TO THE PERFECT STORY [Fun Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |

Via The Digital Rocking Chair, Rogério Rocha
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love the 2 plus 2 rule. M 

Excellent summary from @RobinGood:

Robin Good

Thanks to the Content Marketing Association for having created and published this useful visual poster which highlights the key elements, needed to develop your own stories.

The poster covers seven key areas, but offers the greatest value in:

1) defining for you seven popular type of plots.

2) identifying seven types of heros present in story plots

3) listing the main type of characters that can be used in an effective story

My comment: By reading through this visual poster you can definitely familiarize yourself more with key variables a play in any great plot, have some references of classic novels, plays and films that represent the different type of plots that you can use, and get a much better grip with the variables you can utilize to create an effective story plot.

Educational. Useful. 8/10

Full visual poster:

(Thanks to the Digital Rocking Chair for having found this gem)


KindredReaders's curator insight, January 2, 2014 11:45 AM

great visual reference!

Ali Anani's curator insight, January 3, 2014 1:39 AM

Creative writing in steps

Gennia Holder's curator insight, January 14, 2014 9:50 AM

This a great list, but, perfect?  I don't know about that :)  Stories aren't a magic bullet. However, applying these elements and telling the right story+right time+right audience... can make an emotional connection with your audience that impacts your business.


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We are ALL App Builders Now - 35 App Building Tutorials Help [Videos]

We are ALL App Builders Now - 35 App Building Tutorials Help [Videos] | Marketing Revolution |
Whether you're building an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Facebook or cross-platform app, this superb selection of tutorials will help you on your way...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

We are all app builders now whether we know it or not. Great post here about tools and tips for how to actually build apps instead of paying others to do that critical marketing work for you.

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 16, 2013 7:05 PM

If you want to put your personal brand in overdrive, learn how to develpp aps. Not as hard as you think and pays huge return. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, July 18, 2013 6:39 AM

The Appification of Ecommerce
About a year ago I purchased a new MacBook Air. Seeing how my new laptop related to the world much like an iPad with apps and an app store was a revelation. Apps will rule the world. 

This trend is why we are all app builders now and these tutorials are a must view. The trend toward apps is more than you think. A few days ago I shared a Haiku Deck about the future of web design 3.0 ( 

 I missed the appification of everything. Apps, the widget-like shrinking of code to Lego blocks, form the core of mobile programming. Since mobile is taking over the smart move is to "appify" everything. 

This means thinking of websites as interconnected blocks responding to each other and our visitors in real time (as described in the deck). Best demonstration or analogy for this fluid app future is MIT's David Merrill explaining Siftable at TED .

The way Siftables related to one another (they are aware other Siftables are present and have a desire to connect if code expressed as a toy can have desires) and link in order to create a sum is greater than the whole universe is a great way to think about the New Ecommerce. 

The new ecom is location agnostic (capable of converting anywhere at anytime and with the merest snippet of Siftable-like code), socially self aware (capable of pulling friends and their influencers into the equation) and appified (small Lego-like blocks snapped together to meet specific needs). 

Sometimes we will snap in the predictive analytics block sometimes we might now. Other times we will want the social share block other times not. Design, in this Siftables-like future, becomes a series of WHAT IF conditions and testing, always testing. 

Going to be fun and why it is a GOOD idea to become an app builder.   


Ricard Garcia's curator insight, September 7, 2013 2:51 PM

Creativity, creativity, creativity

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Marketing Is A Process, Not a Campaign

Marketing Is A Process, Not a Campaign | Marketing Revolution |
Too often, marketing starts too late and only to meet short-term objectives, like a product launch or a special promotion.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agreee witht his wholeheartedly.

malek's comment, July 9, 2013 7:44 AM
Marketing start when sales slump
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5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes

5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes | Marketing Revolution |
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Marketing & SEO
Your marketing team might think SEO doesn't apply to them especially now. With all this talk of, "The death of SEO," marketers can ignore SEO and focus on branding right? Not so much.

Search engines control traffic; traffic is money so you need to avoid these common marketing SEO mistakes.


5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes
1. Not thinking about SEO as you create online marketing.
2. Creating your own language instead of using keywords.

3. HIPPO decisions not test or data decisions.
4. Being boring.

5. Not open, relevant or social enough.

Marketing people need to understand SEO. Does every marketing person need to spend a week in Mill Valley in class with SEO Guru Bruce Clay as I did? No, but all-marketing people need to read and understand SEO. You can't delegate understand SEO, at least at a conceptual level, to others.

Marketing people love to create stories and often develop their own way to tag, refer to and name products, services, features and benefits. Better to use adwords keyword tool to CHECK your assumptions about marketing language.

If there is greater demand for e-commerce than ecommerce then make sure and use BOTH in your copy. Don't enforce your beliefs on your copy or marketing. Check your beliefs and modify if you are creating your own language, modify to be aligned with the way customers think about and name your products and services (otherwise known as keywords).

Highest Paid Person In The Room HIPPO can do more damage to Internet marketing than the plague. Internet marketing is DATA based. There isn't a reason to guess or roll dice. Do something, look ad the data, create the test. The problem is websites are also political things.

When the CEO says they like shocking pink and company logos the size of dump trucks it takes courage to say, "Let's test that," but if anyone could be an Internet marketer then you wouldn't get paid the big bucks :).

You can be many things in your online communication boring better not be one of them. Boring is as boring does and when HIPPOs tell you to use corporate speak, talk to yourself about yourself or ignore the conversational nature of online communication you are bing boring (and in the worst way).

Finally every website needs to be open, inclusive and relevant. Think of your job as a CURATOR of your online information. Just like those helpful people at the library you want to help people looking for information and engagement find it. Best way to do that? A: LISTEN and be open to social signals and all of their implications.

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Content Is The New SEO: Why and How To Focus on Content Marketing

Content Is The New SEO: Why and How To Focus on Content Marketing | Marketing Revolution |
A steady transformation is taking place in online marketing. The strategies for getting your website seen by existing and prospective custom
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Content Is The New SEO
Content is the new Search Engine Optimization because Google wants it to be so. This is an excellent post about WHY content is the new SEO and how to get started.

I do have a common nit to pick. "Create great content," is advice I read frequently. That is like saying, "Win The Lottery" as a way to make your numbers. You might win the lottery, but you might spring wings and suddenly be able to fly too.

Better to embrace content marketing as a CSF for your company and brand (CSF = Critical Success Factor). No matter what your digital presentation is the most important communication you create (period and full stop).

This means you need to get GOOD at digital communication. Here are a handful of hard won tips to create "great online content":

* Short sentences.
* Don't use connections like and, but, thus.

* Short paragraphs keeps readers engaged).

* Visual clues (linked post is bad about clues).

* Use H1s and other meta tags for technical SEO.

* Make CSS makes tags look good on the page.

* Use bullet points early.

* Use a bigger font (reading online sucks).

* Tease links don't drown them.

This last tip is a common error. Many new to Internet marketing want to provide everything AND the kitchen-sink all at once. Better to tease a click and then tease another click and then another. The more time and pages your customers view the better your SEO (what is left of it).

Ask yourself a simple question. Would you rather read one page with 1,000 words or 5 with 200? True you can make a website too clicky. You can make your reader work to hard. Finding the fine line between engagement and work is where metrics and testing should rule your actions.

Never a reason to GUESS with Internet marketing when you can construct a test. If you see abandonment after the 3rd click reduce your 5 click journey to three. If you see preference to read the long form content eliminate the clicks. No matter HOW you present content its substance needs to be great.

Whoops, there I go adding to the "You must create great content," crowd without telling you how to do that. I have posted on tips to create great content and as soon as I find it I will link it in (lol). M


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Marty, great article, right on track!!
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Storytelling Is The New SEO - Almost 14,000 Views

Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes have a secret implication - that content is truly and finally KING. Not all content is equal. Some content has higher
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Storytelling is the new SEO is rocking on with a mention in @AmyStark's Slideshare about customer engagement caught by using @Scoopit as an Online Reputation Management tools ( ), 101 downloads and almost 80 Facebook likes.

Now at 14,100 views.

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The impact of Color in Logo Design [Infographic] - Business 2 Community

The impact of Color in Logo Design [Infographic] - Business 2 Community | Marketing Revolution |
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What are your logo colors saying about you? How is your contnet marketing building on your logo's inherent messages? If your logo is sending "trust" messages are you creating trustworthy content?

metataggsolutions's curator insight, June 26, 2013 2:48 AM

Good infographic...I really enjoyed reading it and also increased my knowledge. Thank you so much for explaing color impact in logo designing.

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18 Great Tips To Increase Blog Traffic [6 from Marty]

18 Great Tips To Increase Blog Traffic [6 from Marty] | Marketing Revolution |
A couple of days ago, I was lamenting to my friend Abbie Fink that Spin Sucks grew only 29 percent in 2012. She rolled her eyes at me as I was finishing my statement. “Only 29 percent,” she said.

Via Manish Dhane, Damjan Štrekelj
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I would add:


#14 Guest Post (especialy with Google Authorship coming).

#15 Contestify (create cool contests).

#16 Work on blogs navigaiton and keyword silos.

#17 Add "Poeple who Read Also Like...".

#18 Add email subscription and regular persona based emails.

That last tip needs some explanation. Blogs have a hard tie gaining substantial PageRank because they tend to be one and done (people come read the post you just pitched on social media and leave). Fix one and done with a "People who like, also like..." Amazon-like feature sharing relevant content to the post on the page.

The other SEO issue with blogs is calendars make for bad keyword silos. Organize your blog into a series of 2 to 6 keyword "silos" such as "Internet marketing" and develop landing pages to summarize the content. This landing page is where you want rank to go as it is the top of the silo.

Read my Advanced SEO: Bleeding, Bottling and Siloing for more tips on how to organize a keyword silo:


Finally stop treating your blog like a blog and more like a website by adding email subscription forms and developing persona based email marketing. Best guide to how to do this is Managing Content Marketing (book) by Rose and Pulizzi.

SO...there are all kinds of ways to double or triple your blog's read