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Power Curation Tip Via Marketing Hits: The Curation Tease Page [+ Marty Note]

Power Curation Tip Via Marketing Hits: The Curation Tease Page [+ Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation is a highly effective inbound marketing strategy and because of this there has been a rise of content curation tools and platforms.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Brian Yanish is a good friend, a trusted Internet marketing source and his website provided a great example in how to create SEO from curation. 

Brian creates a quick page about cool content he curates. Today Brian found a great "Ultimate Guide" from @YouBrandInc. Brian could push the link across, and he does use that way sometimes. 

The "Ultimate Guide" is great content. Anyone creating an "Ultimate Guide" understands SEO and how to do keyword research because "ultimate guide" is a HOT way to describe content right now. 

Content handles come and go in popularity, but "Ultimate Guide" will probably always be valuable since it sounds so definitive. When you use a handle like "Ultimate Guide" be sure to deliver since your website could get hammered if your ultimate guide forgets 5 BIG tools everyone loves. 

The cool thing about using "Ultimate Guide" is anyone you forget will beat a path to your door to be included and then you can update. Brian creates a "teaser" page on for You Brand Inc.’s Ultimate Guide to Curation Tools.  

The advantage to a short page like this "teaser page", note Brian doesn't just copy their copy but writes a quick unique blurb and then pushes across to You Brand Inc., is your curation can bring social shares and juice to your website. 

One of the big questions in my Free Internet Marketing Consulting for Small Businesses (SMBs) this last Saturday was, "How are we supposed to keep up with all of this?" Curation with teaser pages like the one Brian created for the Ultimate Guide to Curation Tools is a great way to build a SMB’s authority without having to write thousands of words every day. 

A tactic like this builds page spread, the number of pages Google' indexes, adds frequency (remember Quality Deserves Freshness or QDF) and become an easy way to "curate" your way to authority.


Problem with using a tool, even ones I love like, is SEO juice (rankings and Google value) go to the platform. Brian's example breaks off a piece for as you should for your content marketing website by stealing his "teaser page" approach to curation. 

Brian and MarketingHits earn today's #StealThis. 


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Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic Includes Free Shipping, Mobile & More

Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic Includes Free Shipping, Mobile & More | Marketing Revolution |

5 Holiday Ecommerce Trends
Holiday E-commerce Trends Infographic shares trends in free shipping, gamification, mobile, cause and loyalty marketing we've watched for years. 5 BIG Trends for this holidays includes:

* More, Better & Faster Free Shipping 
* Mobile  research and games, some smartphone bying\

* Gamification and lmore loyalty programs (they work)

* More causes & movemens less shouting and doorbusters

* More asking for help

Find each of these trends in our Holiday Ecommerce Infographic on Curagami.  

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Marketing Goes Boom

Marketing Goes Boom | Marketing Revolution |

Marketing Goes Boom
Marketing Goes Boom 25 years after the Cluetrain Manifesto and at a time when the video contained in this post took less than five minutes to create.

Watch the video

Read The Post  

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7 Quick Tips on Setting Up Your Startup On Social Media via @shane_barker

7 Quick Tips on Setting Up Your Startup On Social Media via @shane_barker | Marketing Revolution |

SMM For Startups
Great tips here for #startups including:

1. Create Your Social Media Strategy
2. Choose the Right Social Networks

3. Ask Your Audience What They Want
4. Provide Customer Service on Social Media
5. Build An Online Community
6. Constantly Evaluate Your SMM Strategy

7. Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

I left a comment on Shane's post about the need to curate content and blog. Social media without meaningful shares is spam. Startups are so self referential. They are so widget focused it can be hard to have them THINK about the world their widget fits into. Content curation helps open any company up to great relevant content from other sources. Curating that content creates a supportive social network and places a startups business in context.  



malek's curator insight, October 11, 6:58 PM

I would say #6.Track and evaluate your social media performance, is probably the one we hardly do.

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SEO and Brands via Curagami

SEO and Brands via Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

SEO & Brands
Cart gets in front of horse a lot these strange marketing days. Team+Curagami has clients who know more about #seo  than branding. Cart squarely in front of horse. 

Think about the process. You know how to tell Google's spiders about your pages better than you know how to tell your customers why your products, services and company are their best bet (i.e. branding). Cart in front of horse. 

Don't be seduced by the latest shiny object. The core of online success is similar to the core of offline success - create great things that people MUST talk about, tell their friends and marvel at. Average need not apply anymore. as we share in Why The New SEO Looks Like the Old SEO: Brands: 

malek's curator insight, October 7, 8:58 AM

Thoughtful, you can't help trying to answer "why" in a different way.

The greater sense of community and why it developed is worth reading the whole post.

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Need Better Headphones or Better Email Marketing? Find Both @Moon_Audio

Need Better Headphones or Better Email Marketing? Find Both @Moon_Audio | Marketing Revolution |

Newsletter Best Practices demonstrates some of our favorite email marketing techniques with their Better Music Event email such as:

* Newsletters Should be VISUAL.

* Use of anchor links & Landing Page.. 

* Including CUSTOMERS in your marketing. 

* Focus on HOT and happening NOW. 

Promotional emails are hard pressed to do more than one or two things. Newsletters can talk about MORE, but they need good organization and anchored links (links that move to the topic from outside the landing page) combined with a landing page, 

Once these ideas are combined MORE can become easy to navigate and provide valuable analytics information. Who clicks on what is valuable and something to incorporate next time around.  

malek's curator insight, August 25, 9:53 AM

Email Newsletter coming of age.

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Make A Mobile Icon For Your Blog Featured On Reddit

Make A Mobile Icon For Your Blog Featured On Reddit | Marketing Revolution |

Easy Marketing Trick
Want to increase traffic to your blog without spending any money? Use JetPack's mobile icon to add an icon for your blog on your phone AND share with your customers so they have a quick link from their phones to your blog.

Featured on Reddit! 

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, June 15, 4:02 PM
Thanks @malek! You know now hard "down to earth" is for me, but this one was a fun find. Marty
malek's comment, June 15, 5:43 PM
@Martin (Marty) Smith it's the singer, not the song
Pooja Runija's curator insight, June 16, 2:03 AM

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Why I'm Not A SEO #3

Why I'm Not A SEO #3 | Marketing Revolution |

Why I'm Not A SEO in 3 Parts

Why Not A SEO #1
Blue Oceans on Scenttrail Marketing 

Why Not SEO #2
Used Car Salesmen LinkedIn 

Why Not SEO #3
Confusingly Similar & the Psychology of Great Web Marketers
on Curagami  

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Why BOXING Is OVER! | Marketing Revolution |

While Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao were duking it out on Saturday, another battle was going on in the background: Periscope versus illegal live-stream...

Marty Note
K, let me see if I have this right. I pay $100K to watch a mediocre fight and the venue is going to tell me I can't @Periscope it (real time video streaming). WHAT?

Boxing needs to learn the music business lesson - try to deny or sue the future out of existence and YOU lose long term not them. Periscope is on the side of the angels. We #contentcurators are GOING to create content with their very cool tool.

Whether we will keep watching BOXING is the question.

And NO would be my answer unless we can create a tribe as we watch. If boxing's promoters want to KILL their golden goose they won't be the first. Instead of being happy they created an event people felt compelled to share and embracing the share and helping (the share) boxing wants to put genie back in bottle.

Yeah, good luck with that. I love it when ostrich-like industries like this one wrongly believe their CONTENT is what creates the primary value. HUBRIS goes before a monster fall in our business - web marketing - and it doesn't get much more arrogant than believing we HAVE to have a fight.

NO, we HAVE TO HAVE the connections such an event creates, so if you don't like it then find a way to support it or MAKE LESS MONEY and watch your relevance slowly decay to the point where NO ONE CARES because we can't share the expression of that care or see that our friends do too.

Lesson to boxing AND ALL OTHERS - we WILL curate your content and the proper response is. "WOW, that's great how can we help". Any other response and YOU LOSE. Sue and YOU LOSE FASTER and WORSE.

I wanted to watch the fight, but I'm not paying 100 bucks and I'm not going to a smoky bar with a bunch of drunk a-holes I don't know. So boxing's message to me is F-Off. My message back to boxing is I love Periscope WAY MORE THAN YOU. If you force me to choose that decision is easy...and YOU LOSE.

Never ceases to amaze me how really STUPID people believe they are capable of turning back the tide. Yeah, not so much just ask the music industry that goes from your money for nothing and chicks for free to WHO CARES or if it isn't free WHO CARES.

Ask those bands trying to pay for the sins of previous greedy generations if they wished the industry "leaders" knew a little bit more about what I do for a living (web marketing) and a little less about being huge a-holes (lol). Bet they vote for more of one and a lot less of the other. M

PS. May seem strange to say boxing is dead on its biggest $$ night ever, but that is precisely when businesses die lately. When they are so full of themselves they don't see the train that has in fact already hit them.

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5 Ways People Fix Content Marketing - Curagami

5 Ways People Fix Content Marketing - Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Content marketing must serve a higher purpose & featuring people not things is how websites win hearts, minds & loyalty creating online community.

  • Ask for HELP.
  • Create An Ambassador Program (with some gamification).
  • Curate 90%, Create 10% (make your content about THEM).
  • Reward, Value, Encourage & Listen to PEOPLE.
  • Create a Weekly, Monthly and Yearly CONTEST to Reward Contributors.
malek's curator insight, May 1, 8:14 AM

Another great piece from one of the "Marketing Illuminati", and his daring exposition of the "Tyranny of Perfection". 

You're  placing too much focus on achieving perfection, you lose track of exploring a project's full creative potential. 

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Marketing Automation infographic 2015

Marketing Automation infographic 2015 | Marketing Revolution |
A new marketing automation infographic has been released by digital agency Position 2. The infographic is called 'State of marketing automation 2015'.

Via Liana Ling, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Marketing automation will become increasingly important as we shared in Context & Conversations: Marketing Predictive Future ( ).

Marijo's curator insight, April 15, 3:39 AM

Make no mistake: marketing automation is a nice next step in marketing with many channels unified in one platform, but to make it all run efficiently and correctly can be a daunting task. Be sure to have all departments involved lined up and aware of all the goals, challenges and possibilities before diving in.

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Increase Your Email Subscriber List With These 14 Tips

Increase Your Email Subscriber List With These 14 Tips | Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note: Email Matters
Your email list is something you own. You've earned the right to NOT pay Google or anyone else when you communicate with your email list. The value of the list is HUGE.

We saw a monetary value of $100 a subscriber recently and there are times when you email list can be worth many multiples of that such as:

* When your organic rankings take a huge hit thanks to an algorithm change.
* During peak sales times.

* To create sustainable online community.
* To increase sales.

* To bolster SEO and then increase sales.

Here is a great and simple list for how to increase the size of your email list:

1. Subscribe Button

2.  Ask Your Readers

3.  Give Incentives

4. Speed Up Website

5. Offer A Free Course

6. Squeeze Page

7. Guest Blogging

8. Implement Hello Bar

9. Video Call To Action

10. Scroll Box

11. Feature Box

12. Sumo Me

13.  QR Code

14. Trade Shows

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Why Listicles Are The New Content Marketing

Why Listicles Are The New Content Marketing | Marketing Revolution |

What is a listicle? It is a post arranged in a list format, and each point is supported with a relevant (and quirky) image or GIF to keep readers engaged. So if you find a post titled something like ‘15 Things Every Woman Should Do Before She Turns 25’, you are looking at a listicle.


Just like America’s fascination with twerking, many people had predicted that the booming popularity of listicles was just a passing fad. Contrary to the prophecy, use of listicles have expanded so much so that they are now being touted as the “new face of content marketing”.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agree, lists make for powerful content marketing. We like where our 13 lists have generated over 6,000 views. Lists rock SEO too, so lists make for double dangerous content marketing.

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Mad Jonesing For SEO White Papers? We Can Fix That via @Curagami

Mad Jonesing For SEO White Papers? We Can Fix That via @Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

If you need to know why ecommerce is broken and what you can do about it download Why Ecommerce Marketing Is Broken.

Wondering what happened to SEO? Curagami Fellow Phil Buckley explains in How Conversations Became The New Links white paper.

Bot white papers are free, easy to download and on our homepage. You don't HAVE to join to get at 'em, but we love it when you do (join that is).


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Holiday E-Commerce Tips Magazine - Preview VIdeo

Sharing Ecom Secrets 
Beginning 11-2 and lasting for a week we will be sharing Holiday Ecom Tips at Want to make more money this holiday selling season?

Visit Curaga For More  

Watch Preview Video

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12 #mustfollow Web Marketing Pros

12 #mustfollow Web Marketing Pros | Marketing Revolution |

Follow & Learn From These 12 People
At the bottom of our Make Buffer's Social Failure Your Success Curagami post ( ) we included a list of a few of our favorite web marketers. 

Each of these 12 people teach us things daily, and the list includes many from the community including:

@Guillaume Decugis 
@Kelly Hungerford 
@Cendrine Marrouat -
@Brian Yanish - 

Read about why Buffer's social "failure" can be your success and discover some of my favorite teachers so your online marketing wins customer hearts, minds and loyalty. 

Susan Charles's curator insight, October 27, 6:51 AM

I'm a certified accountant (CPA, CMA) with over 10 years of experience as both a freelance and corporate accountant. I currently work with a wide variety of small business owners  internationally) providing services including financial planning, accounting, payroll and Business promoting


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SEO THE DEBATE via @NJMarketingNerd

SEO THE DEBATE via @NJMarketingNerd | Marketing Revolution |
What does it take to achieve search engine success these days? The answer to this question is incredibly wide-ranging and often debatable. SEO’s, digital marketers and web professionals seek to find the answer [...]

Via Marilyn Moran
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Much like Marilyn we've been fascinated by the SEO mystery. In fact we've started a 3 part triptych entitled: Why The New SEO Looks Like The Old SEO on Curagami. Our first post on Brands is up now: 

Marilyn's post captures the technical seo or no debate between Rand Fishkin and Jayson Demers. Fishkin freely admitted his "flywheel" content idea doesn't seem to be holding water (because there is no correlation between social shares and SEO ore even social shares and engagement). I embedded that Rand Fishkin Whiteboard friday into the main Why New SEO Looks Like Old Page: 
Along with a a few caveats. Will finish the Why New is Old Curagami triptych next week.  In the meantime, read Maryilyn's post for the latest on the SEO DEBATE. 

Marilyn Moran's comment, October 10, 7:55 PM
@Martin (Marty) Smith - thank you so much for sharing & for the kind words! I really appreciate it! :)
Marilyn Moran's comment, October 10, 7:55 PM
@Martin (Marty) Smith - thank you so much for sharing & for the kind words! I really appreciate it! :)
Kbizsoft Solutions's curator insight, October 26, 8:13 AM

SEO  stand for index your site in top result.Its can be complete with build back links for site.


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BANG...ouch - How I Blew Up Every SEO Link on My Blog #dontdothis

BANG...ouch - How I Blew Up Every SEO Link on My Blog #dontdothis | Marketing Revolution |

SEO Blow Up
I know better, but moving to Woocommerce just blew up every URL on my blog. This post explains how URLs are tricky. URLs get changed in many unintended ways.

Changes to your Wordpress categories, use of an add on like Woocommerce or re-publishing after changing the URL window all change your URLs and require 301 redirects to maintain continuity with Google. URLs aren't just YOURS as this post shares.  

After spending 3 days creating manual redirects so my URLs won't stay broken my advice is try not to do that :). Marty  

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Community Shock Is Coming - Curagami

Community Shock Is Coming - Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Content Shock Meets Community Shock
Building on Mark Schaefer's brilliant Content Shock ideas the next web marketing tsunami will be Community Shock. Community Shock is when adding one more member DEPRESSES instead of LIFTS a site's ROI (because cost of acquiring new members became unsustainably high due to intense competition). 

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Medium Rocks: New Mobile Micro-Blogging Tool Is A MUST USE via @Scenttrail

Medium Rocks: New Mobile Micro-Blogging Tool Is A MUST USE via @Scenttrail | Marketing Revolution |

Medium Cool
Why do we need another blogging tool? Reasonable question. If Medium was simply and only another micro-blogging and content curation tool then the answer would be in the negative.

We don’t need another blogging tool no matter how cool, efficient and mobile-ready the new tool’s User Interface. That’s why Medium isn’t a micro-blogging tool. Medium is a community forming NOW and that has many benefits including:

Grow with the network while not as crowded as Medium will become.

Fill the hole between your blogs and social nets.

Curate across your owned properties easily into one place.

Create and curate mobile ready content.


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Don't Make 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Amateurs Make

Don't Make 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Amateurs Make | Marketing Revolution |

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night saying to yourself that it’s not worth the time and effort. We all do.

Blogs take time to write, those great images need to be found or created and those social networks meed to be managed and nurtured. It is often not done or persisted with because there are no apparent quick rewards. This is where the tortoise can beat the hare by slowly persisting. It is a marathon and a journey not a sprint.

One way of thinking about great content marketing is that you are building an audience before you need them. Content builds credibility, trust and followers over time. This earns you the right to then sell them something down the track.

When content marketing and social media emerged there were no tools. Today we have so many technology tools that it’s overwhelming.

But what is great with marketing tools is that you can scale your efforts. It was something I realized with Twitter early on. A few years ago I implemented one software platform that saved me 120 hours a month and it still does.

So what are some content marketing mistakes that many amateurs new to the game are making.

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Scoop by @Brian Yanish - Loved the 10 Item List of mistakes "amateurs" make.

1. Not automating

2. Not optimizing for search engines

3. Not hustling your content

4. Not working on your headline

5. Not experimenting

6. Poor quality content

7. Email List Is Money

8. Not thinking like a publisher

9. Not learning from the innovators

We can even agree with #1 since they are "automating" things like social search and, to some lesser extent, publication. We shortened #7 based on their implication - email is money. So True.

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Brands Under ATTACK via @ScentTrail Marketing

Brands Under ATTACK via @ScentTrail Marketing | Marketing Revolution |
Brands are under attack by 5 Ninja: clean slate, social media, death of old media, mobile & User Generated Content. How defeat attacking Ninja horde?
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Luke I Am Your FATHER! Surviving Google via @Curagami

Luke I Am Your FATHER! Surviving Google via @Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Everything Is Harder Suddenly everything online seems harder. Or there may be a slow drip with energy and value leaking out seemingly unrecoverable. Google’s algorithmic haircuts hurt no matter how realization dawns. This post is about how to recover, regain and reposition your website after traffic, conversions and money are dealt an injury by an algorithm change by the Google Gods.

Follow these 5 Easy Steps to Recover:

  • Stop, Wait & Listen.
  • Analytics Deep Dive.
  • Create New KPIs.
  • Back In To Blue Oceans.
  • Create Community.

Possibly "easy" is the wrong word (lol). First STOP whatever you've been doing since "old SEO" tactics don't work anymore. Next figure out where to go that new and start testing. This Curagami post shares several Haiku Decks and explains each of those 5 "Recovery" tips.

Marijo's curator insight, April 22, 6:55 PM

Always great posts to read and learn something new from Marty!

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The Game Is The Thing: Finally @SweetTooth Creates Affordable Gamification via @Curagami

The Game Is The Thing: Finally @SweetTooth Creates Affordable Gamification via @Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Does your website have game? It is going to because gamification and games are how you win hearts, minds and loyalty over time online. This Curagami post welcomes, a new add-on to Magento, Shopify and others, and affordable gamification. Gamification is in your website's future because its benefits win hearts, minds and loyalty over time and help create sustainable online community. 

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Top 10 Desktop Screen Sharing Software for FREE

Top 10 Desktop Screen Sharing Software for FREE | Marketing Revolution |
Whether you are a designer, developer or tech savvy, you must have require free software to share desktop screen or join an online meeting.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Skype is a pain and GoTo Meeting a bigger one, here are some great alternatives for remote screen sharing.

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Invisible Giants Curating Content - 3 @HaikuDeck via @Curagami

Invisible Giants Curating Content - 3 @HaikuDeck via @Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Invisible Giant of the New SEO

7 Reasons Must Curate Content

Gamify Content Marketing

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