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Why Engagement Is All The RAGE
Ever wonder why the tide turns? Two years ago we lucky few Internet marketers wanted HUGE numbers. We needed to pass millions by our webpages to convert 6% or less.

Times Are Changing
We don't understand the full impact or reach of Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm changes. Google isn't a leading indicator either. Google wants a better more relevant web because relevance lowers their cost and increases customer satisfaction. 

Customers (US) were at a tipping point before Google open their Zoo. We want MORE because more has been given. MORE and FASTER is the irony of modern marketing. Once an expectation is set that same expectation must be beat fast and in ever more significant loops or habituation sets in.

Habituation is only moments from being disgruntled and disgruntled customers do many things BUY and ENGAGE are never two of them. Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm shifts mirror the new game. 

Hearts & Minds = The New Game
In a time of abundance where versions of every commodity can easily come from a number of excellent sources, consumers change their ASK. We move from simple wish fulfillment to complex aspiration satisfaction. We want our EXPERIENCE of a brand to help achieve our dreams. 

Yeah but we all have to go to the grocery store to get food you may be thinking. Yes, but your smart phone is with you, laptop in the car and you were online moments before. Soon you will be online all the time (Google glass). 

Once we are online all the time every brand, business or service must win the digital communication battle to win our hearts and minds. Every product and service will need to harness the power of NEW, communicate and share. First grocery story to realize shopping for groceries is an experience capable of being integrated into our digital lives WINS BIG. 

 First brand to realize the EXPERIENCE can last for hours, as the examples in this excellent Robin Good post do, will win BIGGER. 

Via Robin Good