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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from MarketingHits!

Don't Make 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Amateurs Make

Don't Make 10 Content Marketing Mistakes That Amateurs Make | Marketing Revolution |

Do you often wake up in the middle of the night saying to yourself that it’s not worth the time and effort. We all do.

Blogs take time to write, those great images need to be found or created and those social networks meed to be managed and nurtured. It is often not done or persisted with because there are no apparent quick rewards. This is where the tortoise can beat the hare by slowly persisting. It is a marathon and a journey not a sprint.

One way of thinking about great content marketing is that you are building an audience before you need them. Content builds credibility, trust and followers over time. This earns you the right to then sell them something down the track.

When content marketing and social media emerged there were no tools. Today we have so many technology tools that it’s overwhelming.

But what is great with marketing tools is that you can scale your efforts. It was something I realized with Twitter early on. A few years ago I implemented one software platform that saved me 120 hours a month and it still does.

So what are some content marketing mistakes that many amateurs new to the game are making.

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Scoop by @Brian Yanish - Loved the 10 Item List of mistakes "amateurs" make.

1. Not automating

2. Not optimizing for search engines

3. Not hustling your content

4. Not working on your headline

5. Not experimenting

6. Poor quality content

7. Email List Is Money

8. Not thinking like a publisher

9. Not learning from the innovators

We can even agree with #1 since they are "automating" things like social search and, to some lesser extent, publication. We shortened #7 based on their implication - email is money. So True.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes

5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes | Marketing Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Marketing & SEO
Your marketing team might think SEO doesn't apply to them especially now. With all this talk of, "The death of SEO," marketers can ignore SEO and focus on branding right? Not so much.

Search engines control traffic; traffic is money so you need to avoid these common marketing SEO mistakes.


5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes
1. Not thinking about SEO as you create online marketing.
2. Creating your own language instead of using keywords.

3. HIPPO decisions not test or data decisions.
4. Being boring.

5. Not open, relevant or social enough.

Marketing people need to understand SEO. Does every marketing person need to spend a week in Mill Valley in class with SEO Guru Bruce Clay as I did? No, but all-marketing people need to read and understand SEO. You can't delegate understand SEO, at least at a conceptual level, to others.

Marketing people love to create stories and often develop their own way to tag, refer to and name products, services, features and benefits. Better to use adwords keyword tool to CHECK your assumptions about marketing language.

If there is greater demand for e-commerce than ecommerce then make sure and use BOTH in your copy. Don't enforce your beliefs on your copy or marketing. Check your beliefs and modify if you are creating your own language, modify to be aligned with the way customers think about and name your products and services (otherwise known as keywords).

Highest Paid Person In The Room HIPPO can do more damage to Internet marketing than the plague. Internet marketing is DATA based. There isn't a reason to guess or roll dice. Do something, look ad the data, create the test. The problem is websites are also political things.

When the CEO says they like shocking pink and company logos the size of dump trucks it takes courage to say, "Let's test that," but if anyone could be an Internet marketer then you wouldn't get paid the big bucks :).

You can be many things in your online communication boring better not be one of them. Boring is as boring does and when HIPPOs tell you to use corporate speak, talk to yourself about yourself or ignore the conversational nature of online communication you are bing boring (and in the worst way).

Finally every website needs to be open, inclusive and relevant. Think of your job as a CURATOR of your online information. Just like those helpful people at the library you want to help people looking for information and engagement find it. Best way to do that? A: LISTEN and be open to social signals and all of their implications.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

7 Common Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid via

7 Common Video Marketing Mistakes To Avoid via | Marketing Revolution |
It’s every marketer’s dream: producing a company video that goes viral or gets nominated for an Emmy Award. But if we have to be realistic, it should, at
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Video, especially great video marketing, is hard. I've created a handful of videos and have come away from the experience changed (lol). Best to avoid these BIG mistakes:

* Overlook importance of the script (AGREE).
*  Information overload, remember the KISS idea. 

* Too long - Vine is 6 seconds and that is the direction we are headed. 

* Bad Music or Music That Sits Up too Much (too loud or distracting).

* Animation is too fast (they always are). 

* No clear goal for the video in the first place (AGREE). 

* Bad VO (voice over). 

I got a lot of grief for insisting on a second to second mapped script by my last boss. Too much planning felt like selling used cars to him. Problem is time is literally MONEY on a video shoot. Even if you are doing you own shoot, something I would NOT recommend, you have people and resources tied up so PLAN IT OUT I say and so disagree with my old boss (lol).

Good luck, video is HARD but necessary. Video is an important bridge between your written and graphical content. Video creates personality and warmth (done right) and anger and frustration (done wrong). Angry customers don't typically BUY anything so avoid these seven video marketing mistakes.  

BTW, you want to HOST your videos inside your techncial "stack", see my note on this GPlus post:  

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