Web Design, Game Design
Game and web design are rushing at each other like speeding trains. This Slideshare from David Farrell only adds to that belief. As our websites become more dynamic, controlled by math in response to behaviors and business rules, we will want to STEAL things like the flow diagrams from this excellent "lecture" on Game Interface and Prototyping.

Paper prototyping sounds like Minimal Viable Product too. Your website is easier to move than the mountain of code needed to create a game. We need to transform our thinking to be more FRAMEWORKS and contingency based.

The difference between a game's contingencies is each one has to be thought out all the way to the end of the branch. With websites we can leave some room for customer expression. Once User Generated Content happens we can curate it back to our community so everyone is singing off the same sheet of music.

Fascinating deck (stay with it as the first read can be confusing for IMers) that looks to the future when websites are games and games are everywhere.

Ref: see Scoop I just posted about if mobile games get any hotter they melt the world: http://sco.lt/7R9cRd