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These Days if you are NOT a revolutionary good luck with that. The problem is when everyone is a revolutionary is anyone really ahead of the curve? As many know we are trying to STIR THE POT with 2 new BHAGs: - crowdfunding cancer research and let patients, friends and family see behind the curtain.  (launching next week)

CureCancerStore - shop to cure cancer and give 100% profits to help cure the Big C.  

Here are the first 5 "Secrets For Revolutionaries" learned:

* Revolutionaries need a PLAN.
* Revolutionaries need TOOLS.
* Revolutionaries need to compete.
* Revolutionaries need to PLAY.

* Revolutionaries need to be THANKED!

I'm getting the idea. I need to be chief Thank You Note writer more than chief social, code, design guy (lol). Our Cure Cancer Buzz Team is missing a few of those pieces. Some revolutionaries are so GREAT they don't need every one of those features, but most need a STRUCTURE to the revolution, a sense of MEANING and PROGRESS. 

Will be working on those ideas in the days and weeks ahead. Please feel free to SHARE your community / revolution building tips and ideas. We are going to need so many AMAZING revolutionaries to help launch these two new ideas you may want to get your beret now :). Thanks, M