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Why Brands MUST Blog! [Infographic]

Why Brands MUST Blog! [Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |

Blogging Is Important For Brands because, blogging is one of the most important and trusted method to promote brands for many years.

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Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Beyond The Stats
This is a great Blogging For Brands Infographic, but there is more to why brands must blog than stats. We live in a connected age when anyone can get to know anything.

Blogs create a sense of VOICE. They have a tone and a rhythm that communicates mountains of information about what a brand is really about. Blogs help supply the brand advocates any company depends on with social ammunition and fodder for their own blogs.

Blogs also react to what is happening NOW. If there is a national story an active blog is a great place to share your take. If there is a ripple in your brand's fabric a blog is a great place to iron out the wrinkle.

This is not to say that blogs are defensive. Blogs imply a promise - we will share on a regular basis and you (our brand advocates) can comment, participate and inform our efforts. Blogs say you are in this WITH US (visitors and brand advocates).

The collaborative idea of a blog can help a brand match its walk and talk, create a distinct tone and become a hub for all social marketing. Blogs are a must for brands and for many more reasons that captured in this excellent infographic.

Well Connected Mom's curator insight, October 1, 2013 1:07 PM

People love to hear from people directly, not companies.  Trust can be built up faster for brands through the people, not corporate advertising.

xaltd's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:40 PM

Nice infographic on blogging for business

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18 Great Tips To Increase Blog Traffic [6 from Marty]

18 Great Tips To Increase Blog Traffic [6 from Marty] | Marketing Revolution |
A couple of days ago, I was lamenting to my friend Abbie Fink that Spin Sucks grew only 29 percent in 2012. She rolled her eyes at me as I was finishing my statement. “Only 29 percent,” she said.

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Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I would add:


#14 Guest Post (especialy with Google Authorship coming).

#15 Contestify (create cool contests).

#16 Work on blogs navigaiton and keyword silos.

#17 Add "Poeple who Read Also Like...".

#18 Add email subscription and regular persona based emails.

That last tip needs some explanation. Blogs have a hard tie gaining substantial PageRank because they tend to be one and done (people come read the post you just pitched on social media and leave). Fix one and done with a "People who like, also like..." Amazon-like feature sharing relevant content to the post on the page.

The other SEO issue with blogs is calendars make for bad keyword silos. Organize your blog into a series of 2 to 6 keyword "silos" such as "Internet marketing" and develop landing pages to summarize the content. This landing page is where you want rank to go as it is the top of the silo.

Read my Advanced SEO: Bleeding, Bottling and Siloing for more tips on how to organize a keyword silo:


Finally stop treating your blog like a blog and more like a website by adding email subscription forms and developing persona based email marketing. Best guide to how to do this is Managing Content Marketing (book) by Rose and Pulizzi.

SO...there are all kinds of ways to double or triple your blog's read