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Once Upon A Time: Overwhelmed By Digital Marketing? Curagami Can Help

Once Upon A Time: Overwhelmed By Digital Marketing? Curagami Can Help | Marketing Revolution |

The New New Marketing
There was a time before the web when "digital marketing" was somethign you did with your fingers. Then everything changed. Change came fast and furious thanks to Moore's Law - Integrated circuit POWER goes up exponentially even as costs plummet.

Once our digital world got to a certain point, let's call that point X, acceleration accelerates. Mobile throws gasoline on the social fire and gets answered by social media marketing with rocket fuel on the fire.

The resulting explosion in a kingdom called BRANDING in a land far, far away once upon a time...

Read the Curagami Story and worry less :). M

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, June 20, 11:53 PM

You gotta read this, Marty's done it again!!!

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Tripping Over The New SEO's 3 Legged Stool via @CrowdFunde

Tripping Over The New SEO's 3 Legged Stool via @CrowdFunde | Marketing Revolution |

“There it is,” I said to myself but aloud. As everyone at Triangle Startup Factory turned to look at me I waved them off. How was I going to explain that the 3 word mnemonic we’d been looking for was there sitting there in front of me. Truth be told I tripped over it:

* Story.

* Authority.

* User Generated Content (UGC).

This startup journey is a strange one. Equal parts hard work and CHANCE we throw dice and see how they roll. What about you? You in?

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Value, Experience & The New SEO - Conversation With Robin, Brian and David

Value, Experience & The New SEO - Conversation With Robin, Brian and David | Marketing Revolution |

Value, Experience & The New SEO
I'm having five related conversations across three social nets right now about  #contentmarketing  ,  #contentcuration  and #SEO with @Robin Good@Brian Yanish - MarketingHits.comand @David Amerlandthis post pulls these threads together in a single place.

"David's idea is all of factors will align at some point in the not very distant future. Points such as:

* What makes money.
* The value of an experience NOW and over time.
* Value as a function of Uniqueness / Scarcity.
* The social REPUTATION and AUTHORITY of a brand or curator."

Brian suggested we have a debate and I think that is a great idea. Will see if we can put together a HOA on content marketing, engagement and the new SEO soon. In the meantime I'm sure everyone will chime in on this G+ post.

Heather Koroll's curator insight, March 9, 7:46 PM

add your insight...

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5 New SEO Secrets that Will Shift Your Business into High Gear - Curatti

5 New SEO Secrets that Will Shift Your Business into High Gear - Curatti | Marketing Revolution |
"New SEO" based on content & social marketing spins different than old "optimize everything" SEO. Here are 5 New SEO Secrets to help your content WIN.
malek's curator insight, February 4, 9:13 AM

Eye opener on the ever changing SEO world

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from MobileWeb!

Emerging Channels Challenge SEO for Marketing Dollars

Emerging Channels Challenge SEO for Marketing Dollars | Marketing Revolution |

As more consumers switch to smart phones, emerging channels are gaining importance in a marketing space that SEO has dominated. For years, brands have used SEO strategy to market their products, but it has become harder to find as an increasing number of search results are returning unrelated content.

Also, according to one entrepreneur, in 2013 organic search results made up only 13 percent of screen space. The rest of the screen was dominated by "ads and jun"

Problems with SEO-lead strategy are only magnified as more consumers view content on mobile devices. For instance, vertical and native search on mobile is continually threatening traditional search. Google’s traditional search traffic had declined 3 percent by the end of 2012.

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Startups Think Mobile First
I got this lesson at Triangle Startup Factories Fall Showcase when more than half of the "graduating" startups were MOBILE focused almost to the exclusion of content on Google. 

These startups could have cared less about organic SEO. I'm not sure I would live all the way there YET but SOT (Sign of the Times) and yet another big wake up call to Google. 

It is possible via app stores and direct connection into what is rapidly becoming many people's #1 digital device - their SmartPhone - to build a substantial business and have NO top ranked keywords in Google. 

All things being equal I still want content in the Big G since a traffic source as valuable as that is stupid to ignore, but the brash thinking of next gen entrepreneurs DOESN'T INCLUDE GOOGLE. 

Google, for these brash mobile first entrepreneurs, doesn't enter in their field of vision. They aren't worried about winning organic SEO as much as they fear bad ratings on the app store (lol). 

After spending years tweaking, cajoling and pleading organic SEO I'm ready for something new and different. SEO feels played out, not worth half the time we used to put in it and OVER.  


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5 Increasingly Commodified SEO Solutions That Confuse B2B Marketers

5 Increasingly Commodified SEO Solutions That Confuse B2B Marketers | Marketing Revolution |
While discussing the changes in the search industry with a B2B marketing colleague earlier this month, he mentioned that many marketing professionals may be confused about SEO, particularly when it comes to advising clients on search initiatives.

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Yep, these "SEO solutions are beoming commodities and that is only half the confusing part. Here are the "increasingly commodified" trends and a great summary from the post:

* Social Media

* Content Development
* Link Building

* Keyword Strategy

* SEO Reporting

Summary from the post
"Under the right circumstances, a “price per SEO” offering can make sense — but B2B marketers need to understand the impact and benefits of such an offering before assuming they’ve solved their SEO problem with this type of solution alone. It’s rare that they have.


I am a firm believer in productivity benchmarks combined with analysis and consultation. SEO partners need to be held accountable for output, just as much as anyone else. That said, it’s dangerous to rely solely on quantity and volume when establishing budgeting expectations."

Lori Wilk's curator insight, December 19, 2013 8:40 PM

Searching for answers for your search initiative strategies?

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Content Marketing Is The New SEO [Infographic]

Content Marketing Is The New SEO [Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |

We hear a lot about content marketing these days. It is a phrase a lot of folks throw around to make themselves sound smarter but not many folks understand or

Via massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of content marketing in a sleek infographic. Use it with your CFO to justify funding the "new SEO".

Suggested by Stephen Van Delinder!

Content Curation, Dupe Content & SEO: A Bad Match? [Matt Cutts Video]

Content Curation, Dupe Content & SEO: A Bad Match? [Matt Cutts Video] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation could be an extremely risky practice if you don't put a lot of effort in, or it lacks editorial voice or a distinctive point of view. After all, Google already has a curated list of content.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

What Is Content Curation?
I don't agree with much of this article, but then I would never suggest "curation" purely as a form of content build. Yes some curation such as Top 10 lists come close to the kind of "no value add" content Matt Cutts warns about, but as long as your website isn't 90% that kind of content you can afford a list or two or five.

My key disagreement is over what constitutes "curation". Curation requires some filtering and positioning. Yes it is possible to stop there, but most curators place their curated content in some context. They write editorial to wedge their content into their mix.

This "rich snippet" approach to curation creates the logic behind the curation. This post on is a "rich snippet" where I'm adding my two cents worth.

Note too that I add editorial into a theme - content marketing and SEO - I comment and write about frequently. This means my "modeled" ecosystem shows consistent investment and confirmation from links, likes and shares.

I wrote about how feeds are in all of our content marketing future ( ) and think I missed the importance of social signals when I wrote that post. Feeds absent confirming social signals are just useless noise (as Cutts all but declares in the video on the linked post).

Function as "junior-Google" doesn't work UNLESS you have the editorial chops to support it as my friend Mark Traphagen (@MarkTraphagen) does on G+ and my friend Phil Buckley (@19818) does on SEO.

Mark can "curate" related G+ content without his authority taking a hit because his curation is a tiny fraction of his content. Even though Mark can afford some % of comment less curation I doubt he would. Mark likes to add rich snippets to place his curation into his overall context - as so should we all.

Bottom line is don't put content on your site that is duplicated. Use "no follow" tags or canonical URLs to show Google your intent are pure and you are only after the rankings your links, likes and loves generate.

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Content Is The New SEO: Why and How To Focus on Content Marketing

Content Is The New SEO: Why and How To Focus on Content Marketing | Marketing Revolution |
A steady transformation is taking place in online marketing. The strategies for getting your website seen by existing and prospective custom
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Content Is The New SEO
Content is the new Search Engine Optimization because Google wants it to be so. This is an excellent post about WHY content is the new SEO and how to get started.

I do have a common nit to pick. "Create great content," is advice I read frequently. That is like saying, "Win The Lottery" as a way to make your numbers. You might win the lottery, but you might spring wings and suddenly be able to fly too.

Better to embrace content marketing as a CSF for your company and brand (CSF = Critical Success Factor). No matter what your digital presentation is the most important communication you create (period and full stop).

This means you need to get GOOD at digital communication. Here are a handful of hard won tips to create "great online content":

* Short sentences.
* Don't use connections like and, but, thus.

* Short paragraphs keeps readers engaged).

* Visual clues (linked post is bad about clues).

* Use H1s and other meta tags for technical SEO.

* Make CSS makes tags look good on the page.

* Use bullet points early.

* Use a bigger font (reading online sucks).

* Tease links don't drown them.

This last tip is a common error. Many new to Internet marketing want to provide everything AND the kitchen-sink all at once. Better to tease a click and then tease another click and then another. The more time and pages your customers view the better your SEO (what is left of it).

Ask yourself a simple question. Would you rather read one page with 1,000 words or 5 with 200? True you can make a website too clicky. You can make your reader work to hard. Finding the fine line between engagement and work is where metrics and testing should rule your actions.

Never a reason to GUESS with Internet marketing when you can construct a test. If you see abandonment after the 3rd click reduce your 5 click journey to three. If you see preference to read the long form content eliminate the clicks. No matter HOW you present content its substance needs to be great.

Whoops, there I go adding to the "You must create great content," crowd without telling you how to do that. I have posted on tips to create great content and as soon as I find it I will link it in (lol). M


janlgordon's comment, July 2, 2013 9:45 AM
Marty, great article, right on track!!
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5 Branded Content Channels Tor Better Discoverability and SEO

5 Branded Content Channels Tor Better Discoverability and SEO | Marketing Revolution |
Business 2 Community
The 5 Branded Content Channels You Need for Better Discoverability
Business 2 Community
You probably already have a presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but do you have a YouTube channel?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agree weaving these 5 ideas together creates more power than either alone. The key is in the weaving not the "either or" approach we tend to take. You can't eliminate one of these ideas (blogging say) without the whole being significantly LESS than it was WITH that idea on board.

Virtually every one of these signals is an important SEO "confirmation signal" to though this article doesn't get into the many SEO benefits of weaving awards with blogs posts and strong support from social rating sites (StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious).

Do all of these things well and your website gets discovered. Do some of them well and you leave money on the table.

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Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note]

Q: Does Content Curation Help SEO? YES! [+Marty Note] | Marketing Revolution |
Content curation is a great marketing strategy but does it help in your search engine optimization? If so, what type of content should you curate?
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SEO Is Dead, But....
An interesting discussion about Social Media Marketing being the new SEO is blowing up on Curation Revolution ( ). Let's assume search engine spiders will need signals for a long time and some of the signals you control used to be called SEO (lol). 

This article speaks to the power of content curation. Let's avoid the SEO trap and discuss why content curation helps engagement and so the new SEO:

* Curation creates authority.
* Authority websites save our TIME and so are loved.

* We support things we love with LIKES and LINKS.

* Heuristic measures improve when engagement goes up.

* Better Heuristic measures = more relevant and so Authoritative.

* Engaged customers lower costs and increase profits.


If you can't sell that list to your C level then updating resume is a good idea. My theory is the right proportion of creation to curation is 10% curation to 90% curation. 

I didn't just pull that ratio out of the air. I have digital properties I manage that have the reverse ratio and they are NOT SUSTAINABLE. If I get hit by a bus those properties wither and die. 

If you create an ecosystem that is 10% YOUR creation and 90% curation and User Generated Content (UGC) it is sustainable. The more diversified your website is in expertise and experts the more sustainable it becomes. 

Let me be clear, deep knowledge is required to even know WHAT to curate. I am not suggesting skimming along the surface of many things. I am suggesting once you build one platform with a 10% to 90% community building another one is half the work (no matter what the subject). 

If, like me, your ratio is 90% creation and 10% curation consider developing a strategic plan to flip that ratio. Your Internet marketing becomes stronger and more sustainable. 


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Infographic: Google Penguin vs. Panda

Infographic: Google Penguin vs. Panda | Marketing Revolution |

Keeping Google’s constant and ever-changing algorithm upgrades straight is no easy task even for the most capable SEO technicians and marketing gurus. A visual representation of Panda’s perturbations in timeline infographic form is helpful when trying to wrap one’s head around the rationale behind Google’s algorithm decisions.

Due to the extreme nature of Panda, Google actually went out of their way to assist users in improving their websites to rank highly once the dust had settled.

Frightening reputation aside, Panda only reinforced the importance of putting out top notch content that delivers value.

Via Alex Butler
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I agree, knowledge displaces SEO fear and this infographic helps

Dan Baxter's curator insight, December 19, 2012 5:56 PM

Great article on googles moves to reduce the impact of SEO 'gaming' techniques such as keyword stuffing and content farms

Nedko Aldev's curator insight, May 12, 2013 8:08 AM

add your insight...

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Want To Escape From Google? Diversify Your Internet Marketing - Curatti

Want To Escape From Google? Diversify Your Internet Marketing - Curatti | Marketing Revolution |

Overweight Google SEO? You need to diversify. Google organic search is losing power as mobile, social and community create important new marketing channels.

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Game On: Mobile Web Declines as Mobile and Social Media Slow Yr over Yr Search Growth

Game On: Mobile Web Declines as Mobile and Social Media Slow Yr over Yr Search Growth | Marketing Revolution |

3 Amazing Sign of the Times Facts
This post shows app growth cutting use of the "mobile web" or access of the web from mobile devices.

Apps cutting down use of the mobile web.

Smartphones & Organic Searches
I created a chart here
that shows the impact of smartphone adoption on organic Google searches - organic searches are slowing.

Mobile 1/3 of All Organic Searches
Finally this Scoop shows mobile searches now 1/3 of all organic searches.

SO, mobile searches are increasing even as smartphones and apps are reducing organic searches. Why would mobile, smartphones, apps and social media reduce organic search volume?

* Apps = search less.
* Mobile is more social and so search less.
* Mobile is a "game console" where we "play" apps and connect so search less.

* Appification of the world continues.

* Apps are games so gamification of the world continues.

Doubt we are in the middle of a REVOLUTION?

Via Jesús Hernández
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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Blog WP Inbound Marketing Leads!

The WordPress Guide For Small Businesses

The WordPress Guide For Small Businesses | Marketing Revolution |
We’ve pulled together a resource which rather than aiming to tell you everything, instead tells you exactly what you need to know to get your own website up and running in no time.


Business owners are aware of the increasing importance of having an online presence; regardless of whether their key objective is using their website to sell online, to generate enquiries, or act as a branding tool. However the costs associated with building and particularly maintaining a website can quickly become a drain on business owners.

WordPress is a platform that appeals to many, as even if you have no coding experience you can set up a website and manage it yourself.

This step-by-step guide takes the guesswork out, so you'll be up and running in no time.


By Jasper Martens / Hannah Smith.


Via maxOz, Yann De Tod
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Interesting way to organize an "Ultimate Guide".

France Lafleur's curator insight, March 6, 10:03 AM

Ce tableau pourrait vous aiguiller et vous permettre de commencer sur le bon pied avec WordPress.

Alain Theriault MBA's curator insight, March 11, 9:49 AM

a step-by-step approach to a WordPress site for a small business

Social Globe's curator insight, April 7, 8:06 AM

Pour ne rien oublier des étapes clés

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Searchlight Is A Great Enterprise SEO Tool from NY based Conductor

Searchlight Is A Great Enterprise SEO Tool from NY based Conductor | Marketing Revolution |

Enterprise SEO with Conductor Searchlight the world's leading natural search platform. Benchmark your performance against competitors, find the best keywords to target, uncover your competitors backlink strategies and more.

Marty Note
This is one of the best #SEO tools I've seen combining the best elements of other tools such as SpyFu and SEOmoz. Searchlight by Conductor creates an SEO tool for content marketers and curators and who isn't a content marketer these days? The tool is agency friendly too!

Strengths of this impressive tool include:

* Keyword management (for you and competitors). 
* Paid and organic search data.

* Templated and easy to private label "work spaces" to share reporting with clients.

* Reasonable price / value.

* Sliders to manage prioritization based on dimensions such as difficulty of the task or ROI. 

Searchlight by Conductor is a great SEO tool built for content marketers and curators.  

Will write more about why this tool should be a MUST for any Internet marketing team on  over the weekend. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Optimize This: Why BRANDS Are The New SEO & How To Optimize Them

Optimize This: Why BRANDS Are The New SEO & How To Optimize Them | Marketing Revolution |

Optimize This explains that BRANDS are the new SEO and how, in a time when change is everything, creating, testing and surfing beats "optimization".

Speaking at Raleigh Jaycees tonight on why BRANDS are the new SEO and it is better to SURF and CREATE them than think in the old terms and ways such as "optimize" or "SEO".  

Joachim Scholz, PhD's comment, January 17, 7:50 PM
Did I miss something, or was this just the little saying Haiku deck? There wasn't much info. What does the author mean by surfing the brand, do you know? I am honestly asking, not trolling.
Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

How Canonicalization Can Save You: Guide To Canonicals In WordPress

How Canonicalization Can Save You: Guide To Canonicals In WordPress | Marketing Revolution |

Welcome To Content Marketing
Many "new to content marketing" are blasting content out on new WordPress blogs, creating categories and loving life. Glad to have you and if you are reading this post then you know it is time to learn some "inside baseball" content marketing and SEO tips. 

Google doesn't like content to be duplicated. Problem is we bloggers and merchants MUST duplicate content since some of our readers care about SEO while another set wants to learn about social media marketing. 

An article like my Websites vs. Blogs post for ( ) could be categorized into web design, social media and Internet marketing. WordPress makes setting categories so easy the full ramification of that tag isn't fully understood. 

If I categorized my Websites Vs. Blogs piece in more than one category it appears equally duplicated to Google. The fact I know the piece MAINLY belongs in Internet marketing is something I can share with Google by using a canonical URL. 

I think of the canonical URL as the MASTERBLASTER URL, the URL I WANT Google to think of this content in. Other categories, any category NOT deemed the single MASTERBLASTER category, aren't "indexed" by Google's spider for that piece of content. 

Google sees your intent and understands your instructions to mean "don't index the same content twice" and that makes Google's spider get all warm, fuzzy and happy. You just saved Google TIME and time in the Google algorithm is truly MONEY so chances for your website to gain in authority just went UP. 

Chances to gain in authority when you have the same content in many categories goes DOWN. Your duplication costs Google money and time because they have to sort out if you are good and true or a spammer. Oh, btw Google NEVER sorts out if you are a spammer or good and true (and I wrote that sentence to make my SEO friends laugh :). 

Google ASSUMES you are spamming and treats your dupe content with disrespect and annoyance. Should you create many categories and place content in them? Sure, but when you do so be sure to use canonicalization to send the right signals to Google and so they don't assume you are spamming. 

Promise to write my next post on canonicalization and other important "SEO Ideas For New To Content Marketing". Marty 

BTW, geat @Tomewer post with one of the most clear and concise explanations of a difficult topic I've read. Well done Tom! 



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How and Why Content Should Include Numbered Lists: 4 Ideas

How and Why Content Should Include Numbered Lists: 4 Ideas | Marketing Revolution |
It has become widely accepted that content arranged in list form is quicker to find, easier to remember, and more actionable, which makes lists ideal for sharing content as part of a highly effecti...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I'm not a big fan of numbered lists since to number is to create priority, but this excellent post from Content Marketing World with great examples of how your look and feel doesn't have to be limited shows numbered lists are a great idea from a Google perspective. Maybe expressing priority isn't all bad :).

malek's curator insight, September 11, 2013 9:00 AM

Promising the reader a short list of tips to help improve his knowledge about an interesting subject, is a great attraction. Lists work

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5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes

5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes | Marketing Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Marketing & SEO
Your marketing team might think SEO doesn't apply to them especially now. With all this talk of, "The death of SEO," marketers can ignore SEO and focus on branding right? Not so much.

Search engines control traffic; traffic is money so you need to avoid these common marketing SEO mistakes.


5 Common SEO Marketing Mistakes
1. Not thinking about SEO as you create online marketing.
2. Creating your own language instead of using keywords.

3. HIPPO decisions not test or data decisions.
4. Being boring.

5. Not open, relevant or social enough.

Marketing people need to understand SEO. Does every marketing person need to spend a week in Mill Valley in class with SEO Guru Bruce Clay as I did? No, but all-marketing people need to read and understand SEO. You can't delegate understand SEO, at least at a conceptual level, to others.

Marketing people love to create stories and often develop their own way to tag, refer to and name products, services, features and benefits. Better to use adwords keyword tool to CHECK your assumptions about marketing language.

If there is greater demand for e-commerce than ecommerce then make sure and use BOTH in your copy. Don't enforce your beliefs on your copy or marketing. Check your beliefs and modify if you are creating your own language, modify to be aligned with the way customers think about and name your products and services (otherwise known as keywords).

Highest Paid Person In The Room HIPPO can do more damage to Internet marketing than the plague. Internet marketing is DATA based. There isn't a reason to guess or roll dice. Do something, look ad the data, create the test. The problem is websites are also political things.

When the CEO says they like shocking pink and company logos the size of dump trucks it takes courage to say, "Let's test that," but if anyone could be an Internet marketer then you wouldn't get paid the big bucks :).

You can be many things in your online communication boring better not be one of them. Boring is as boring does and when HIPPOs tell you to use corporate speak, talk to yourself about yourself or ignore the conversational nature of online communication you are bing boring (and in the worst way).

Finally every website needs to be open, inclusive and relevant. Think of your job as a CURATOR of your online information. Just like those helpful people at the library you want to help people looking for information and engagement find it. Best way to do that? A: LISTEN and be open to social signals and all of their implications.

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Storytelling Is The New SEO - Almost 14,000 Views

Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes have a secret implication - that content is truly and finally KING. Not all content is equal. Some content has higher
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Storytelling is the new SEO is rocking on with a mention in @AmyStark's Slideshare about customer engagement caught by using @Scoopit as an Online Reputation Management tools ( ), 101 downloads and almost 80 Facebook likes.

Now at 14,100 views.

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The SEO Magic Of Questions and Answers - Atlantic BT

The SEO Magic Of Questions and Answers - Atlantic BT | Marketing Revolution |
Question and Answer (Q&A) content is the secret RPG of content marketing. Here's HOW to create the most powerful SEO content by simply answering questions.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I tested some year old research today. When I joined Atlantic BT a little over a year ago I was asked to do research on 5 different business verticals. Amazingly I found a common pattern. 

Amazingly because these verticals varied from government research to BI software. The common theme? Q&A content was over subscribed (lots of searches) and under published (few pages). Why?

I've been an Internet marketer for 13 years learning to drop WHY from my vocabulary. Speculation would say that we often overlook the simplest things assuming everyone knows something. Assuming is a good way to NOT make money online (lol). 

My challenge today was to look into a new vertical, food trucks, and see if the pattern held. It did, and this piece provides a step-by-step process to understand how to mine keywords for content marketing gold. If you can only start with ONE type of content, Q&A would be my suggestion (I also share my favorite Q&A tool from right here in Cary). 

Jeff Domansky's comment, February 13, 2013 2:01 AM
Thanks for your insight Marty. Much appreciated.
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, February 13, 2013 8:34 PM

This post is getting a lot of pickup (Retweets and shares). I thought it would, but one never knows. I thought it would because some already know how powerful Q&A content is to Google and SEO and everyone else needs to know (lol).

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Slideshare The Quiet Content Marketing and SEO Giant [Infographic]

Slideshare The Quiet Content Marketing and SEO Giant [Infographic] | Marketing Revolution |
SlideShare - The Quiet Giant #Infographic #SlideShare - SEO Powerhouse too, must be in 2013 Content Marketing Plans.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I think my #1 listing on "content network marketing" has slipped to #2 after more than 4 years. Considering SlideShare helped capture a top listing almost immediately after the content went live on their network slipping from absolute #1 to #2 isn't bad SEO (anyway you cut it).

This means moving content to SlideShare should be on any content marketer's 2013 plan. 

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