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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Conversion Rate Secrets via @FedEx & Internet Retailer Report

Conversion Rate Secrets via @FedEx & Internet Retailer Report | Marketing Revolution |

This original research by Internet Retailer offers insights into whats driving growth in sales conversion among Americas leading web merchants.

Marty Note
Listening to David Payton discuss the cool conversion report FedEx created with Internet Retailer:

1. Free Shipping = top way to convert visitors to buyers.
Some will even opt for a slower time for free shipping. Some want ship to store. Free shipping is "essential" said VP Marketing David Payton at SMB Conference today.

2. Responsive = device agnostic.
The ability to see the site and have the site function across platforms is key. Company in David's slide deck saw a 40% increase in conversion from responsive design.

3. Email Marketing Still Matters
David's and FedEx's study shows email is still very important. Persoans and personalizing emails is key. No more batch and blast.

4. Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and reviews boost online sales 62%. David referenced a Bazaar Voice review. Add one product review = 10% product review. From 0 to 30 increase 30%, 0 reviews to 100 = 37% sales increase.

5. Loyalty
Easier to sell those who are already in the boat. Make sure you value and reward those who are loyal to you.

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Funny Marty Story Ending In Admiration, Respect & Kudos for @FedEx

Funny Marty Story Ending In Admiration, Respect & Kudos for @FedEx | Marketing Revolution |

After speaking at the Digital Marketing For Business Conference in Raleigh today, a place where I heard a few "funny Marty stories, I created ANOTHER funny Marty story. Funny NOW, not so funny when I was half way to the beach before my FedEx meeting today.

Read the Funny story and learn why FedEx is one BIG TRUSTED brand that really GETS #socialmediamarketing and #contentmarketing. Also why I have HUGE respect for FedEx drivers after almost racking up a huge body count in the car for a mere 2 hours (they drive on those Route 70s and 54s all day long = #respect).

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