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The Future & the 4 Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Google & Facebook - Curagami

The Future & the 4 Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Google & Facebook - Curagami | Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
Excellent bricks vs. clicks rant here by Scott Galloway. We agree with about half of what he says and note our disagreements here:

Biggest disagreement is defining Amazon as a "e-retailing pure play". That is nonsense. Amazon is an INFORMATION pure play and they are agnostic about where information takes them. Professor Galloway is going against trend here.

Are we really all going to start piling in our cars and buying on our phones to ship to store? Maybe and I like his Best Buy example, but Amazon can zero out any advantage bricks and clicks brings in about a day.

As I noted in the post, we all can. There is so much SPACE out there waiting for stores we could start up a multi-point store system in a matter of days. We don't see bricks as the distinct advantage Scott does. Not by a long shot.

We see the world moving to digital goods and away from hard goods. That doesn't bode well for anyone NOT in the information business. Galloway even notes Amazon functions as a search engine as much as an e-retailer. That advantage doesn't erode fast. He needs to see my pagespread chart showing Amazon with millions of pages indexed vs. next closest competitor (Apple).

His points about mobile, search and Google feel correct. Search is changing and he gets one of the forces right - appification. Apps = search less, so appying up is a good idea. Run out and open 100 stores? Not so much, at least not unless the Renaissance Galloway preaches looks like a reality.

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Crowds, Icons & Tribes = The Next Marketing

Crowds, Icons & Tribes = The Next Marketing | Marketing Revolution |

Crowds, Icons & Tribes
The more we work our Startup Factory Funded statup the more every client needs a combination of :

* Crowds.
* Icons.
* Tribes.

Crowds bring wisdom. Remember how few were smarter than a class of 5th graders? Every websites most VAST under-utilized resource is the wisdom of crowds they AREN'T tapping.

Icons create the language that makes a crowd work just hard enough to feel exclusive and included. If anyone can join for free there is no perceived value. No perceived value means your visitors will click away. On the other hand, if you have a language only you and your tribe understand - that isn't too dense or complex - curiosity may catch the cat.

Finally tribes are everyone's end product. Tribes = sustainable web presence. Tribes means you can delegate JOBS to AMBASSADORS and get out of the way. Tribes means you are on your way to the land of get more, do less. Tribes are where we lucky few Internet marketers are headed and we are riding a bullet train called Curagami :). M

malek's curator insight, July 11, 2014 7:31 AM

Crowd needs vision of a leader, or jump into chaos

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SoundCloud Is A COOL Social Net For Sounds [Cool App of the Week]

SoundCloud Is A COOL Social Net For Sounds [Cool App of the Week] | Marketing Revolution |
Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

SoundCloud Sounds Like MAGIC
I'm in my honeymoon period with my new iPad. You know that first week when you load 100 apps most of which you will never open or use. One new app I encourage people and e-commerce merchants to explore is SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is a sound sample of the world. The app's UI is easy to use and its catalog of User Generated Content (contributed sounds) is big and sure to get bigger.


I just tweeted the sound of wind blowing in tall grass. A few birds squawk and sing, time passes. It sounds like grassy dunes next to a beach, but the beach and the waves are far enough wind and birds dominate.

Impossible to listen to pwhitty's magical 10 minute recording and feel anything other than more relaxed than when you started. Sounds are such a powerful artistic medium unused in contemporary e-commerce.

SoundCloud will fix that since its possible to curate sound in the same way we curate images or video. Sample, edit, tag and mix to tell a more complete story, set a mood or help illustrate our words and images.

What is the power of a few sample of pwwhitty's magical ten minutes of wind and birds moving tall grass? Think a 3x or 4x increase in conversion not to mention a whole new dimension to User Generated Content (UGC) for contests and games.

Ask your visitors what SEO sounds like or provide a prize for the best summer vacation sounds and let UGC do it's #SEO and content marketing magic.

Kudos SoundCloud for hearing what only you heard and for creating such an elegant and seductive tool.

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The New Ecommerce: Current Best Practices - Curatti

The New Ecommerce: Current Best Practices - Curatti | Marketing Revolution |
There is a new ecommerce creating new "best practices" such as: easy free shipping, new him, her, kids merchandising, social shopping & UGC conversations.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

malek's curator insight, August 20, 2014 7:02 AM

Malcolm Gladwell’s classic book, Tipping Point,  identifies three unique kinds of people who make social movements possible: connectors, mavens and salesmen.

Brand advocates blend the strengths of a connector and a maven, 

  • a source of reliable information.  
  • ready to create content that influences a purchase.
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How To Sell Without Selling via @mfacchinetti (Infographic w/ Curagami Add Ons)

How To Sell Without Selling via @mfacchinetti (Infographic w/ Curagami Add Ons) | Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note
Love "Selling Without Selling" and experienced its power as a Director of Ecommerce when our Buzz Team picked up the baton and helped create trust and conversion from new shoppers to our site.

We liked this @massimo facchinetti Scoop so much we couldn't help but add a few ideas in. We added a section to why people buy to represent the emotional signals Stride's excellent work missed. 

Team Curagami ( also felt strongly that buying personas should be included so we added a pie with a "general" distribution (of site visitors) that may vary depending on business and business category. 

Finding ways to help new, those learning about your site's content and experts find what they want, feel free to contribute and encourage  User Generated Content and community formation is where "buying personas" come in.

We don't stop with such simple personas as New, Learning and Expert for long. We like to tell a buyer's story dipping into psychographics, family, and UCA (Unique Customer Aspirations). Connecting buyers with LOVE and DREAMS are powerful emotional ideas under represented in this otherwise excellent infographic.  

Via Stefano Principato, Marco Favero, massimo facchinetti
malek's curator insight, July 9, 2014 3:51 PM

90% of people say that positive reviews influence their decision to buy 

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Festival Of Ecommerce Lights - Top 10 Holiday Website Designs [expanded]

Festival Of Ecommerce Lights - Top 10 Holiday Website Designs [expanded] | Marketing Revolution |
Creative ecommerce merchants such as L.L. Bean use the weather and traditions to increase website conversions. The 2012 Top 10 Holiday Website Designs.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This post got such a warm welcome we expanded it and put it up on Atlantic BT's blog: 

Don't forget to share your favorite holiday website designs.  

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