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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Increase Your Email Subscriber List With These 14 Tips

Increase Your Email Subscriber List With These 14 Tips | Marketing Revolution |

Marty Note: Email Matters
Your email list is something you own. You've earned the right to NOT pay Google or anyone else when you communicate with your email list. The value of the list is HUGE.

We saw a monetary value of $100 a subscriber recently and there are times when you email list can be worth many multiples of that such as:

* When your organic rankings take a huge hit thanks to an algorithm change.
* During peak sales times.

* To create sustainable online community.
* To increase sales.

* To bolster SEO and then increase sales.

Here is a great and simple list for how to increase the size of your email list:

1. Subscribe Button

2.  Ask Your Readers

3.  Give Incentives

4. Speed Up Website

5. Offer A Free Course

6. Squeeze Page

7. Guest Blogging

8. Implement Hello Bar

9. Video Call To Action

10. Scroll Box

11. Feature Box

12. Sumo Me

13.  QR Code

14. Trade Shows

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Quirky Email Marketing Makeover: Good To Great

Quirky Email Marketing Makeover: Good To Great | Marketing Revolution |

Quirky Email Marketing Makeover TIps is new to email marketing. They haven't won the hard won lessons 7 years as a Director of Ecommerce teaches such as:

* Less is more in email marketing.

* Never forget your Call-To-Action.
* Selling more than one idea in an email is crazy.

Quirky started strong with a cold weather hero (hero is largest image on an email or webpage), but made a common "new to email marketing" mistake - they thought their content is as interesting to US as it is to THEM.

Not so much (lol).

Best to apply some Occam's razor to your email marketing cuttting down to a single relevant idea. Quirky's BEFORE makeover email could become 6 or 10 emails. Showed how I would change their email and bet those changes woud increase conversioins 10x.


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