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Content's Marketing's Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall
As much as I love a good debate the one I covered on ScentTrail Marketing on Friday between CEO Guillaume and ace content blogger Mark Schaefer is moot.

Google's algorithm is set. Facebook's "edgerank" is tightening. As Barabasi notes in his highly recommended book LINKED: How Everything Is Connected To Everything Else a hard rain is about to fall on content creators.

Do I believe in Guilluame advocacy of content curation? Yes, do I believe content curation can save PR4 blogs? Not even a little bit. The rich are about to get richer. Smart move is to pay the freight - cut partnership deals with content hubs in your business segment.

This G+ post shares how to structure such a deal since you need to discuss a lot of dimensions of support (not just what you owe them for their greatness lol).