When a B2B Blog Posts and Nobody Comments, Does It Make a Sound? Aaron Schoenherr & John Corey | Marketing, PR & Communications | Scoop.it

For B2B, the return on investment (ROI) from those networks is less clear. Buyers of professional services, in particular, pose an interesting challenge for marketers. Such customers are aware of these social networks and are most likely engaging consumer brands on them—just like many others. But to what extent are B2B customers willing to engage with business service providers via social media? What is their level of engagement, and which social media tools are most effective?

For the B2B marketer looking to limit her time and resource investment in search of an efficient approach to social media, the research we conducted is likely to disappoint.

   1. Blogs present a clear opportunity to reach sophisticated audiences such as in-house counsel, but the cost of entry involves a precious commodity—time.
   2. LinkedIn presents a strong communications opportunity because of its high level of credibility and its standing as a preferred information source among this audience.
   3. "Listening" via social media networks may not be adequate for measuring new media ROI among sophisticated buyers of business services.